By Binebai Princewill 

A political group under the auspices of Niger Delta Youth Force (NDYF) on Friday converged in Warri, Delta State to brainstorm and vowed to deliver the region for Atiku/Okowa presidential election come 2023. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report

Youths from the different states in Niger Delta noted that they are all members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), stressing that they will stop at nothing until Atiku/Okowa takes over Aso Rock as President and vice President of Nigeria come 2023.

In his speech during the programme, Comr. Phillip I. Ebilade, popularly known as the Opuabade-Iboso of Niger Delta who is the National President of the Niger Delta Youth Force, a support group for Atiku/Okowa 2023 presidency had stated that the group has the capacity to galvanize support from all states in the region to deliver the duo and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming general elections. 

Speaking further, Comr. Ebilade has assured  members of the group not to worry as he has already met with Atiku/Okowa henchmen in Abuja, stressing that the group is a serious group with serious minded people. 

In his words: “This  group is initiated by few people, we are telling you that the group has gone far. We are here to walk for ourselves. We appreciate you all for coming, the group is a support group for Atiku/Okowa presidency come 2023. We are hopeful that our subsequent meetings will be larger than this. The group cut across all states in Niger Delta, at this maiden meeting, we have just invited only critical stakeholders as representatives from the various Niger Delta States.

“Today, we will also constitute an interim committee of the Niger Delta Youth Force with each states in Niger Delta having one representative. Our first priority is to ensure that we deliver PDP come 2023 with particular interest on the Presidency. Love and unity will continue to be our guiding principle. We hope to have state and local government coordinators soon. We have to take the centre stage in the rescue Nigeria mission propagated by our Principals Atiku/Okowa and the PDP. We will no doubt get the Niger Delta Youth Force registered with the Atiku/Okowa campaign council as a leading and formidable support group from the Niger Delta “. Ebilade stated. 

However, Hon. Dagidi Andaye,  Special Assistant to the National PDP Chairman/ National Coordinator Ijaw Mandate Group, Senior Special Assistant to Governor Okowa on Political Matters who represented Alahaji Atiku Abubakar, PDP 2023 presidential candidate and the party had lauded the Niger Delta Youth Force and its leadership for the organisation, stressing that the group must be carried along in the mainstream politics of the party ahead of 2023 while describing the group as one of the most formidable support group in the Niger Delta. 

“I want to tell you today that this body is recognised in the Niger Delta, Atiku have adopted the group and he is looking forward to meet with the group. I am deeply involved in the rescue Nigeria movement. I have been working with Atiku, moving round the country and everywhere have been so jampacked. This is truly a formidable group to reckon with. South West is surely for PDP. PDP is coming out more united to rescue Nigeria. 

“I am deeply involved in the rescue mission. Lines are now falling in place for Atiku. I want to first of all bring greetings from our Principal, Atiku. He has been briefed and he is well aware of this group. I want to assure you that this is our time to shine. We are very privileged that our own son, Governor Okowa is the vice Presidential candidate. You are not alone, you have the backing of the national working committee, we need to show capacity, politics is a game of numbers, we need to get our PVCs  and see how we can get more people to vote for Atiku/Okowa. 

“I was part of the Osun election, votes now count. Niger Delta Youth Force is one group that have organised a programme without the financial support from Atiku and his campaign organisation. This singular act have touched the heart of Atiku. Nigeria does not belong to only one man but it belong to all of us. You have to show yourselves everywhere. Atiku is well prepared for the task ahead and PDP is prepared. 

“Niger Delta Youth Force will stand tall among the many PDP support groups, I am behind you, you have to show capacity. If you are playing any role, don’t be at the back, play your role to the front so that you can benefit. I have seen your numbers and i have seen your capacity. I know that you can deliver. You must all be united and there should be no room for disunity. I will carry this message back to Atiku.

“In the next few days, the Niger Delta Youth Force will be registered as one of the support group. At the moment, elections can no longer be rigged in Nigeria. The mobilisation has just began, we need more people, the duty I have is to take the Niger Delta Youth Force to our Principal where you will have one on one with him for you to know that no one is deceiving you. ” Hon. Andaye stated. 

Nevertheless, speaker after speaker during the event had expressed their readiness to work and deliver the party come 2023, stressing that they will all be returning back to their various states to muster more support for the group. 

High point of the ceremony was the constitution of the national executive members of the group. 

The exco members include, (1) Comr Philip I. Ebilade, National President. (2) Rt Hon Zide Sunday, National Adviser  (3) Sile Pere, Chairman, (4) David Lynda , Woman Leader  (5)Daniel Okebor , PRO (6) Chief Ebikeseye Odibo, Publicity Secretary (7)Hon Ogheneruemu  Onos , Assistance Secretary as well as (8) Mr. Godfrey Tukpa, Secretary.

Others constituted were the media group of the Niger Delta Youth Force which include, (1) Erike Tekenade Joel (2) Young Davidson (3)Kabu Isaac Reuben (4)Chief Ebikeseye Odibo (5)Patrick Ebimobowei (6)Gbalebi Ebikeseye (7)Mary Emem (8)minister London and  (9) Meinfade Anthony.

It would be recalled that that Hon. Andaye was accompanied to the event by Environmentalist Franklin D. Magada Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Environmental Protection Agency DELSEPA, Hon. Famous Ofurobiri Former Secretary of Bomadi Local Government Area, Hon. Andabofa Nanaih and Sir, Ebi Okaba

Photo Credit The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 

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