This article is written expressing our heartfelt disappointment and frustration incurred upon us by our sponsor NIMASA. We are writing this message out of grief and sadness from our hearts under the gross abandonment of our sponsor NIMASA. 

The nsdp program is organized to help fulfill the dream of the maritime sector of our beloved country Nigeria, however, the purpose of which the program is being organized sad to say is about to be aborted. A program that is supposed to be a 4year has metamorphosed into a 10year program. 

The painful aspect of it is that some of us did our onboard training by ourselves without asking Nimasa help just to see that we actualize the vision of the program some of us also paid for our flight tickets by ourselves to the Philippines to come and write the COC and nimasa promise to help us obtain our training. However, they broke their promises to us. firstly they gave us 4,564 dollars which is not enough for us due to the high cost of living in the Philippines, training, feeding transportation, and house rent.

We humbly asked nimasa to please consider us as we have asked for their help, they bluntly told us that they can’t help us and that we are on our own, and that we should come back home to Nigeria… we have been abandoned here in the Philippines for almost a year now.

The 2000 dollars benevolent they said they gave was suppose to be for the entire 2nd set of coc batch 2 but we have been excluded, their reason being we have stayed longer than the rest of batch mate. We are pleading to our governments to come to our aid and ask Nimasa Nsdp to include us in every benefit that is due to us as we are part of coc batch 2. 

We are almost getting closer to achieving our goals. It is an unfair treatment the nsdp department is treating us the 21 cadets by using the strategy of segregating us from the other of our batchmates thereby not giving us the $2000 and other pending entitlement which was posted on the Nimasa Facebook page.

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