Igbifa: IYC Western Zone Not Part Of Your Kangaroo Constitutional National Convention. Communique Of Resolutions Reached By The Leadership Of IYC Western Zone, At The End Of An Emergency Meeting, On The 25th Of September, 2022

Earlier on, the leadership of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC Western Zone met to review the kangaroo constitutional national convention, which was presided by; Comrade (Dcn) Timothy Igbifa, President of the Ijaw Youth Council, (IYC) Worldwide at Ataba in Eastern Zone.
It is a common knowledge that a constitutional convention is co-chaired (Presided) by both the National President of Council and the Speaker of the IYC Mobile Parliament, hence, it is laughable despite the advice from the zonal/ chapters structures of Council, Mr President still went ahead to disgrace the revered Ijaw Youth Council at ATABA community. In view of the above and after an extensive deliberations, the following resolutions were arrived at:-

(1) That nobody is bigger than Ijaw nation, not even; Mr. President. So, in strong terms, we condemn the autocratic leadership style of Comrade (Dcn) Timothy Igbifa with regard to his running of Council like an emperor. Even a monarchical system of governance peoples view are not suppressed as it relates to the overall wellbeing of the populace.

(ii) Also, we are kindly informing; Mr. President that we have totally lost confidence in his leadership, and henceforth; Mr President is not allowed to step his foots on Western Zone. That by this communiqué all structures of Council, in Western Zone should take note and treat him as impostor if Dcn Igbifa steps his foots on Western Zone.

(iii) That we are not part of the kangaroo constitutional national convention, held in Ataba. And in due course Ijaw people will meet and have a document that is clearly defined to protect our developmental interest and territory inline with the Kaiama vision.

(iv) Furthermore, we reiterate our commitment to continue to imbibe in the philosophy of Council’s founding fathers, honor the norms and see it as a pillar to sustain our advocacy for justice, fairness equity as it affects Ijaw people.

(v) Once again, we restate that we are not part of the kangaroo constitutional national convention by Mr. President, and we will only be part of something that will put Ijaw interest first.

Comrade (Dr.) Doubra Collins Okotete, Chairman IYC Western Zone
Comrade Kikiranki Loko Ogah, Vice Chairman IYC Western Zone
Comrade Olu-Derimon Omaghomi, Secretary IYC Western Zone
Lugard Izoukumor, Information Officer IYC Western Zone
Comrade Jennifer Eniye Oki, Women Leader IYC Western Zone
Comrade (Engr) Godstime Ayetan, Assistant Secretary IYC Western Zone
Comrade Nicholas Igarama, Financial Secretary IYC Western Zone
Comrade Portharcourt Owotorufa, Mobilzation Officer IYC Western Zone
Comrade Abednigo Opere, Treasurer IYC Western Zone
Comr. Ekereke Onduke Tamaraukuro, Student Rep. IYC Western Zone.
Comrade Ebolo Sam, Chairman of Clan Chairmen IYC Western Zone on behalf of all the chairmen of the 24 clans.

National Officers From Western Zone;
Comrade Frank Pukon, Secretary General IYC Worldwide
Rt. Comrade Bob Collins Igetei, Speaker IYC 5th Mobile Parliament
Comrade Obiri Ebilade (Esq), Legal Adviser IYC Worldwide
Comr. Anderson Frukama, Sergeant Art-Arm IYC 5th Mobile Parliament

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