By Binebai Princewill 

The  Izon-Ebe Chief Priests Association Worldwide on Sunday celebrated its one year anniversary in Warri, Delta State. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

While the one year anniversary celebration took place at the Paradisco residence of Amb. Godday Smith, popularly known as Bounanaowei ( King of the Forest) as the Bolodaowei of the Association, the celebration saw the convergence of different chief priests from different kingdoms in Ijaw. 

However, the chief priests in their various incantations offered prayers of unity and progress for Ijaw nation as well as the way forward of the association. 

Nevertheless, after the incantations of the various chief priests of the association, the incantation segment was concluded by the group’s supreme leader, Amb. Godday Smith, alias Bounanaowei (King of the Forest), the Bolodaowei of the Izon-Ebe Chief Priests Association. 

It was learnt that after the incantations, there was a downpour of rain, a situation the traditional pundits described as answers to their prayers by the Ijaw deities. 

It would be recalled that before the incantations by the various chief priests, Ijaw core traditional songs and drums where rolled out and beaten to invoke the presence of the deities to the arena. 

A rising star, FC the story teller and another firebrand singer from Ndoro was on ground to do justice to the songs with their sonorous voices. 

Addressing the press after the incantations, Amb. Godday Smith, alias Bounanaowei (King of the Forest) stated that the Association has come to stay, stressing that they will continue to pray for the unity and progress of Ijaw Nation. 

The Boloudaowei had called on sons and daughters of Ijaw nation to always remember where they are coming from as Ijaw people by protecting the customs and traditions of Ijaw nation.  

“In one accord, we the chief priests of Ijaw nation have come to bless every sons and daughters of Ijaw nation. However, in love we will wax higher, let us respect our culture and its deities. Today makes it exactly one year that we established this body, we are not doing much but we are marking our one year anniversary.

“We are core traditionalists, we thought others. As Ijaws we don’t need to go to anywhere before getting powers. Wherever we are gathered and we use bottle of dry gin, we have our powers. We will never renege in our quest of uniting the Ijaws. 

“The Ijaw nation is yet to get to its promised land, we are still lagging behind. All hands must be on deck for the progress of Ijaw Nation.We are marking our one year anniversary today, next year celebration will be massive.” Gen. Godday Smith stated. 

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