Insecurity In Nigercat: IYC Woman Leader Tobusi Advises Nigercat Indigenes To Keep Clear From Ijaws

By Binebai Princewill 

National Woman Leader of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC ), Comr. Tina Tobusi has sounded a note of warning to Indigenes of Nigercat in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State not to intimidate and molest Ijaws living in the community. 

According to the IYC national woman leader,  Comr. Tina Tobusi alleged that Indigenes of Niger Cat are harassing and molesting Ijaws and others that are tenants of Mr. Astone who is a leader of the community that is allegedly having issues with the people of Niger Cat over certain communal matters. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

Tobusi particularly charged the people of Niger Cat to go after Mr. Astone if they have any issue with him and not to extend it to others that are his tenants, stressing that their lives are in danger. 

Comr. Tina stated that Indigenes of Niger Cat community recently traced Mrs Astone who is an Ijaw daughter from Isaba and Obotete communities in Warri South West and Burutu Local Government Areas of Delta State to her shop at Niger Cat to loot and destroy the entire shop. 

She said occupants of Astone’s houses are in great danger as her own rented apartment in Niger Cat is also in same situation. 

While urging the people of Niger Cat to look for Astone, she stressed that there is no need to vent their anger on Astone’s wife who is an Ijaw daughter and other tenants occupying Astone’s houses. 

In her words: “All Astone Tenant are in danger and Astone wife too is in danger and she is an Ijaw from Isaba and Obotete communities, if Astone have any issue with them, let them go after Astone not  Ijaw strangers in Niger cat.” Tina stated

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