Pondi Expresses Sadness Over Massive Flooding Across Communities In Burutu Local Government



I am deeply saddened by the widespread devastation unleashed on my constituents of Burutu Federal Constituency, Delta State by the current widespread massive flooding across the nation occasioned by global climate change, release of water from the Lagdo Dam on the Benue River in Northern Cameroon, and blockage of natural drainage paths.

Described by some commentators as the worst ever flood in our nations history with over 29 states reportedly affected resulting in the displacement of millions of people, deaths and loss of properties and farm lands across the nation.

Burutu Federal Constituency with over 99 percent coastal communities is among the worst affected in Delta State considering its peculiar flat topography which has resulted in the overrunning of the river banks leading to the total submergence of several communities in our constituency. This has made the constituency a pitiable victim of the unrelenting pounding by this years flood. To admit that it has been horrendous is to belittle the scope of the pain on my people.

In the circumstance and in view of the urgent needs to mitigate the effects on our people, I have begun urgent steps to draw the attention of relevant agencies of government to act swiftly and provide succour to the people of Ayakoromor, Obotebe, Tuomo, Torugbene, Bolou Ndoro, Ekogbene, Ogbogbagbene, Kiagbodo, Egodor, Ofonibeingha, Ogbeingbene, Agbodobiri, Akparomogbene, Egrangbene, Tamigbe, Obrigbene, Tebegbe, Gbekebor and every other communities also affected by the floods.

While we await the response of the relevant government agencies I am working with my team to provide some relief materials to the affected communities bearing in mind that no individual can do much as a result of the stretch of the communities involved and also the rising cost of food items in the country presently.

Again, I implore the people of the constituency to act together by assisting their neighbours with temporary shelters, foods and first aid medications pending the urgent intervention in the coming days by the agencies in spite of the logistics nightmare these might entail for them.

I extend my deepest sympathies to persons and families affected by the flood that may have lost valuable properties and displaced from the comfort of their homes.

Signed – Honourable Julius Gbabojor Pondi
Burutu Federal Constituency, Delta State

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