July 20, 2024

Leader Tomone Seek For Solution To Perennial Flooding In Niger Delta

Chief Godspower Tomone, a son of Ogulagha Kingdom and a Delta State PDP chieftain has sympathized With Victims of The Devastating Flood Across Communities In the Niger Delta, especially those of Burutu Local Government Area.

Tomone expresses grief following the frustrations and unimaginable distress posed by the ravaging flood which has taken over several communities across Burutu Local Government Area. The political leader and philanthropist showed signs of sympathy as the loss of properties, source of livelihood and human lives continue to soar due to the unabated flood.

In a statement forwarded to newsmen in the city of Warri, Delta State , which was personally signed by Tomone, he described the flood as ” a ferocious disaster”. Among others, Tomone sympathized with the people of Ayakoromor, Obotebe, Tuomo, Torugbene, Bolou Ndoro, Ekogbene, Ogbogbagbene, Kiagbodo, Egodor, Ofonibeingha, Ogbeingbene, Agbodobiri, Akparomogbene, Egrangbene, Tamigbe, Obrigbene, Tebegbe, Gbekebor , who are currently facing an untold hardship under the frustrating grip of the flood .

Tomone whose political wisdom and leadership prowess had echoed all over the Niger Delta, has called on all leaders and political appointees across Burutu Local Government Area and Delta State to conscientiously and unanimously find a lasting solution to the menace and nightmare besieging the above communities . He opined that the necessity to proffer a permanent remedial measures to the reoccurring desaster is the right path to ply as a responsible government. As a politically conscious and people oriented leader, Tomone christianed the flood as “a tool to test the integrity of our leaders” as the people are fully focused in their gaze to behold the response of the leaders towards ameliorating their plight.

Chief Godspower Tomone urged the Delta State government and Burutu political bigwigs to collectively make out Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) Camps where victims of the flood could be sheltered until the flood ebbs away. He said the camps should be made available as a matter of urgency as many communities have been completely submerged in the flood.

Following the huge destructions and losses caused by the flood, Tomone urged that Relief materials be urgently provided for as a succour for the affected communities. Tomone who has personally reach out to some of the victims in his little way, called on all well-meaning leaders in Delta state to support the state government in providing relief materials for the victims.

Tomone used the medium to thank the likes of Hon. Asupa Forteta and some other politicians who have shown concern and have taken steps towards providing foodstuffs and other relief materials for flood victims across his constituency.

As an apostle of God, Chief Tomone prayed that the flood recedes as soon as possible to avoid further havoc.

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