The General Overseer of Goshen Freedom Tabernacle in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, Prophet Austin Ariole JP has said the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Mr. Peter Obi will fail or loose in the forthcoming 2023 Presidential elections in the Country.

The cleric made the declaration during a sermon he titled,”Your Sacrifice produces glory”.

“All these political jingles by BAT, Obedient, it seems that all of them are all political stories. The only solution to the nation building is truth.”

While pointing out that all the candidates have the mind and beliefs that they can cause a change in the Country, Prophet Ariole stated that,” there’s an opposition behind that’s waiting to stop them.”

He said,”Now,hear this. Including Obi, he will fail.”

Prophet Ariole said the reason is because the enemy within is waiting.

According to Prophet Ariole,”Do you know what Muhammadu Buhari wanted. He thought he was going to succeed. Nobody planned to fail. He(Buhari) stood as a military but the Senate, they hijacked the power. When he spoke, they opposed him.”

He noted that from the very beginning of President Buhari’s administration, there was crisis.

“They’ve been talking about subsidy. They’re saying it but how can it be? Because there’s a cabal. There’s a mafia. Talk is actually cheap but execution is the sacrifice.”

Prophet Ariole warned that clergymen should stop playing political association with the church.

In his words,””In my submission, with all humility, the church should stop playing pokical association.”

He explained that Jesus Christ while on earth, he lived a sacrificial life all through his existence while on earth.

He said,”He did not come to say I want to change Caesar . He came to institute the order of Jesus on earth. He came to set the captives free.”

Prophet Ariole said that in 2015 Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and former President, Goodluck Jonathan were projected but they failed but their members did not bury their heads in Shame. “They find an excuse, claiming the election was rigged. How can you rig God’s manuscript?

Prophet Ariole said the problems in the Country is that many people prophets that don’t hear from God.

He however said,”God is not interested in this earthly politics.

Prophet Ariole also said rather than save souls,”We are looking at the physical economy. You’re telling every member go and vote for that and when they rig it,your prophecy has failed. When they rig it or whatever happens,you now begin to bury your head.

“How can you say you’re CAN and they are abducting christians?

Prophet Ariole further stated that the Christendom is so disunited with each denomination indictrinating their members.

“The members look at another member as an inferior person. They look at each other and say which church do you go to?

He said,”there is no church in heaven. You will not carry a membership card or your tithe card to admit you to heaven. The works you do, your commitments to God is your ticket.

“The church should wake up from playing politics to the place of prayers. Go to the upper room and begin to pray. Pray as the men in the times of ArchBishop Benson Idahosa. Pray some more. That’s the only way to effective change in the system.”

Prophet Ariole also said that the future of Nigeria is not in the hands of the clergymen but in the hands of the electorates.

Prophet Ariole who said he will not tell anyone who to vote for, urged the electorates to make informed decisions of the manifestoes and programmes of the candidates and vote their choices.

“When the result come in 2023, some people will be disappointed and they will bury their head in the ground like ostrich.”

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