The Ijaw Youth Council IYC Worldwide has commended Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu (retd) the Interim Administrator of the Amnesty Program for his commitment in driving the programme.

The President of IYC, Comrade Peter Igbifa came out with this in Port Harcourt the Rivers state capital, the President hailed Ndiomu for the strategic engagement and employment of Amnesty beneficiaries in different agencies and Ministries in the country, ranging from Civil Defence, Police to Navy, IOC’s, etc.

This is a great feat since commencement of PAP.

Igbifa noted that since the inception of the amnesty programme Ndiomu has shown leadership and passion to develop the minds of our youths in the region and engage them for meaningful progress in the shortest possible time.

It is not surprising to hear that the National Security Adviser has given him another task of probing oil theft in the country, which goes further to show Ndiomu’s resilience with solution oriented approach in solving existing challenges. As Ijaw Youth Counil we only wish you well and pray for courage to effectively deliver your mandate as Interim Administrator.

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