Don’t bother to come and campaign in Ogbe-ijoh the headquarter of Warri South West Local Government Area because we will not allow you IGL TELL OMO-AGEGE.If being the number fifth person as the deputy Senate President of Nigeria and also from Delta Central can not intervene in the land dispute between Aladja and Ogbe-ijoh to see how there will be permanent peace between the two Communities then you are not welcome in Ogbe-ijoh the headquarter of WSW LGA in terms of campaign and we will not vote for you and people like you that have been in government for all these while and did not bother to show concern on how this live and dream killing crisis will be resolved.The Independent Grassroot Liberators (IGL) a Political Oriented Pressure Group that has over one thousand members with permanent voters card (PVC) have told the current Deputy Senator President who is the Gubernatorial Candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC), H. E. Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege not to come to Ogbe-ijoh for campaign because he will never be allowed as far as there is no permanent check point at the boundary in between Aladja and Ogbe-ijoh to ensure permanent peace.The National Co-ordinator of Independent Grassroot Liberators (IGL) Hon. Company Yerinbowei Felix the current Councillor Representing the good people of Ward 13 in WSW LGA made it known to the public in his statement that, we all are aware that, Sen. Omo-Agege is not representing Delta South where Warri South West is under but, we should also be aware that Aladja community that is having this land dispute with Ogbe-ijoh is under Udu Local Government which is under the Delta Central he is representing, so he has the right to interfer to make sure there is permanent peace between the two Communities but, he did not because he has no feelings for the common people that are passing through this destructive epidemic.Speaking inline with the National Co-ordinator of IGL, Amb. Engr. Okosu Smart who is National Secretary of IGL and also the immediate passed IYC Chairman Ogbe-ijoh added that, what is the need for campaigning when our people are not living in peace, when our people are suffering sleepless nights, setbacks and lost of lives and properties while we have prominent people like DSP. Sen. Ovie in government for all these while that can join hands with the state government to resolve or settle the crisis between Aladja and Ogbe-ijoh and wipe away the tears of the people but, no even attempt, so there is no going back, if there’s no permanent checkpoint no campaign for Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege in Ogbe-ijoh because IGL will never allow him until immediately attention is paid to our demand.Also, The National President of IGL, Comrd. AMB. Mamamu Bene Youkore who is also National President Niger Delta Youth Council asserted that, independent Grassroot Liberators (IGL) is not bias in their dealings, that what we are doing today is something we would do to Sen. J. E. Manager had been he succeeded the candidacy of the People Democratic Party (PDP) or any other party, so, people should not see it in different form but, as an agitation of justice and peace base on representation and concern, and all we are asking for is a permanent Army check point or station at the boundary in-between Aladja and Ogbe-ijoh Communities to relieve or save the people from sleepless night and untimely dead.So therefore, if there’s no quick respond to our demand there will be no campaign for DSP. Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege and IGL will not give him their supports and votes

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