His name is KEN ETETE. He has remained a very quiet achiever in his chosen field , the oil industry. CEO of the century group has remained a man of action. Known for his remarkable personality, KEN ETETE combines dexterity with a clear focus and diligence that has blossomed over the years .Today, one can rightly submit that he remains of the indigenous success stories that has continued to create employment opportunities to the ijaw people and beyond.Credited as one who has in his employ a large amount of young and talented youths from the region and beyond , the century group is one of the enigmas of the century and one that has been a story of clear hard work .Today , he has added another FPSO to his train .We celebrate you as you keep adding value to the society and demonstrating that with focus hard work and a sense of purpose, one can achieve anything.Congratulations to our brother from the scion of ALUKU .

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