2023: Burutu Credibility Front Springs Up, Says Burutu Political System Is Okay

By Binebai Princewill 

A group operating under the aegis of Burutu Credibility Front (BCF) has in a press briefing earlier today in Warri stated that the political system in Burutu  local Government Area  is balanced as it is. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report. According to the group made of faithfuls of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the entire Burutu Local Government Area, it said the political arrangement in the local government with respect to the various offices is intact and there should be nothing to worry about. In the press briefing anchored by Comr. Williams Welemu Jnr, Director of media and publicity, Burutu Credibility Front (BCF) on behalf of the group had noted that people should concern themselves with how to conduct a free, fair and credible PDP primaries in Burutu Local Government and not to indulge in questionable campaigns. The press briefing which took place at the Casadepedro Annex in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State noted that  the group has sprang up to speak the truth to political leaders in Burutu local Government Area and not to propagate falsehood. 

It would be recalled that Mr. Darlington Owan is the national coordinator of the Burutu Credibility Front (BCF).

The statement reads in full below:

Burutu Credibility Front

A world Press Conference held on this day being  the 21st day of January, 2022 by Burutu Credibility Front to bring to light the position of Burutu people as we head towards the Party’s Primaries and General elections.

Burutu Credibility Front is a Credible Pro-PDP grassroot platform of Burutu People, youths and Women of the People’s Democratic party (PDP) who seek to add their voices to the echoes of true tenets of DEMOCRACY hallmarking the yearnings of all peace-loving and morally stable people ahead of the elections in 2023. Motivated by the foregoing, we hereby affirm/state the following;

1. That Burutu Credibility Front is a platform to advocate and conscientize PDP faithful of the need to stick with the People’s Democratic Party and continue to honour and accept it’s constitution as the ideal guide ahead of the Primaries and General elections .

2. That all members of our great Party reserve the right to a level playing ground to express interest and pursue same to occupy any elective position that they are qualified to contest as quaranteed by the constitution of Nigeria and our party. 

3. That we count it a blessing that Burutu federal constituency is structurally divided into two state assembly constituencies within the same territory of Burutu Local Government area and that in itself has provided balance that has kept the conversation of Zoning the federal constituency seat very easy and even at bay.

4. That we are aware of the existence of a mischievous call to Zone the federal seat that has always been free for all the players within the constituency to contest. 

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5. That we are not oblivious of the schemings of the opposition through proxies and their agents  to break our ranks as a party for selfish reasons of gaining power to exploit the Burutu people as they have done to the entire nation — unbelievable socio-economic pains they heartlessly inflicted on us, we are yet to know when we would recover from such pains. We can’t afford to domesticate such mindlessness at play at the national level in BURUTU LGA unchallenged. 

6. That we are not for or against any PDP card carrying man or woman who wishes to express his or her democratic right to vote and be voted for, but we would be very quick to resist any one who stands on the head of issue-based campaign or solicitation of support from delegates because after the Party’s primaries we will collectively and surely work with our Party Candidate.

7. That there is currently no political imbalance in BURUTU LGA as the House of Representatives occupant is from Burutu North while the Council Chairman is from Burutu South even though we are very unwilling and unyielding to the very weak position that the former and latter are the parameters used to balance Burutu political equation — using executive office with full executive powers and influence to equate suggestive, contributing lawmaking is the greatest misnomer of the 21st century!

8. It has never come to light in the history of Burutu Local Government Area that a chairman is elected two times despite the fact that there is an arrangement between Burutu North and South along this regard to rule the council. We cannot keep quiet there and boil in another place.

9. As Burutu people, we would rather go for competence and we charge good spirited people of our dear party not  to listen to the stories of people that are beneficiaries to the undoing of others within the party. 

10. That the Burutu people are looking forward to free, fair and Credible primaries for all Qualified members of our Great Party. 

11. That we wish to thank the leader of the party in the state, Sen. Dr. Ifeayin Arthur Okowa for his rare leadership acumen and a-father-to-all role has been playing in the party and the state.

Thank you,all!

Meanwhile, Welemu Jnr had in an interview asserted that the group will be engaging leaders across the Local Government in ensuring that good governance, productive leadership, free and fair primaries is conducted and not playing to the schemes of certain individuals. 

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