2023: Youths Urged To Take Responsibility Of Electing Credible Leaders

By Binebai Princewill 

A group operating under the aegis of Niger Delta Youth Council (NDYC) has called on Nigerian youths, particularly those in the Niger Delta region to take responsibility in choosing credible leaders come 2023. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

Comr. Bene Youkore Mamamu Jnr, President Niger Delta Youth Council (NYC)

The call was made by President of the group, Comr. Bene Youkore Mamamu Jnr,  popularly known as young Chief in Warri yesterday while playing host to some youth leaders in the region. 

The Niger Delta Youth Council President, Comr. Mamamu Jnr had charged youths of the region to shun acts of political thuggery, stressing that they should not allow themselves to be used negatively by politicians come 2023.

The President particularly decried the level of underdevelopment in the Niger Delta region since the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, stressing that Niger Deltans should make decisions that will better the region in the fast approaching political dispensation. 

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However, Mamamu Jnr maintained that the youths must not only support credible leaders but also make moves to be elected into various political offices in the country, adding that Nigerian youths are capable of occupying any office. 

The leader of Niger Delta Youth Council had argued that come 2023, there should be a paradigm shift, a situation where the youths should be given a space politically without any intimidation. 

“While politicians are going round with their consultations, they should not undermine the importance of the youths, stating that 2023 will not be business as usual as Nigerians are in need of productive leadership.”

He continued that Nigeria will be stronger and better if more youths are allowed to occupy elective positions across the country. 

Meanwhile, Comr. Bene had stated that the Niger Delta Youth Council is open for consultation, stressing that its members cut across almost all states in the region.

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