By Binebai Princewill

President of the Niger Delta Youth Council (NDYC), Amb. Comr. Mamamu Bene Youkore has urged Nigerian Youths to freely vote their preferred candidates without intimidation in the forthcoming 2023 general elections. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report

Amb. Mamamu Bene Youkore had while welcoming all Niger Delta Youths into the year 2023 via his press release noted that the youths must shine their eyes politically and otherwise this year, describing 2023 as a special year.

The Youth Ambassador particularly charged Niger Delta Youths not to seat at the back bench anymore but to rather take the centre stage politically and otherwise.

According to the Niger Delta Youth Council President, Amb. Mamamu Bene Youkore, he asserted that in 2023, youths should see themselves as deciding factors and not just mere stooges and political aprons to politicians.

While calling on the youths not to indulge in any electoral violence, Mamamu had tasked the youths to look critically into the antecedents of the candidates whom they think that will make Nigeria a better country before voting for them.

“As youths, we cannot claim to be leaders of tomorrow if we do not take part in today’s activities.

“Nigeria belong to all of us, we must do all within our powers to get it right for our country in 2023”.

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