PAP suspends scholarship of two amnesty students

We have received very disturbing reports of the horrendous activities of Messrs Patrick Ipidei and Papems Peter Etolor, two students under the ongoing PAP scholarship scheme.

Ipidei and Etolo had over time cultivated the habit of spreading falsehood and making spurious allegations against the management of the Presidential Amnesty Programme and its Interim Administrator, Maj-Gen. Barry Ndiomu (rtd).

It is to our knowledge that the duo and their sponsors are instigating other scholarship students and ex-agitators under the PAP to carry out an unnecessary public protest to embarass the management of the PAP.

The sponsored public protest is being planned because of the spiteful rumour that the management of the PAP has stopped the ongoing amnesty scholarship scheme.

For the avodiance of doubt, there is no iota of truth in the rumour. The scholarship scheme just like the contract awards were suspended because of an ongoing auditing excercise and will commence immediately the process is concluded.

Only last week, Ipidei and his team met a senior official of the PAP and the report of that meeting is receiving the needed attention. We therefore wonder why he has intensified his personal vendetta against the management of PAP.

Arising from their misconduct, the management of PAP has withdrawn the scholarship of Patrick Ipidei and Papems Peter Etolor with immediate effect. A letter to that effect has been sent to their respective institutions of learning.

It should be noted that similar fate will befall any recalcitrant student that decides to go against the code of conduct relating to the sponsorship of their scholarship programme. The PAP will not allow deviant elements undermine its efforts.

We use this medium to also call on all our scholarship students and ex-agitators to use the right channels to register whatever grieviances or concerns they may have.

The management of the PAP is committed to ensuring best practices in the delivery of its mandate and will not be distracted in any way by enemies of progress and agents of destabilization.

Mr. Freston Akpor – Special Assistant on Media

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