Sports: Akpodubakaye Reveals More Interesting Things About The “Omo-Agege -Jude” Football Tournament


…Says Omo-Agege, Joel-Onowakpo, other APC candidates are the best choices come 2023 general elections

Former Delta State House of Assembly aspirant for Warri South-West Constituency on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Engr. Jude Akpodubakaye has explained why he tagged the madein edition of his inter-community soccer cup tournament after the Deputy Senate President and governorship candidate of the APC, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.

Briefing newsmen at Isaba community in Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State, shortly after hosting the event tagged “Agege-Jude Football Empowerment Tournament”, Engr. Akpodubakaye asserted that the governorship ambition of the APC and current Deputy Senate President, Omo-Agege still remains the best candidate in the forthcoming general election in the state, judging from numerous achievements in his Senatorial District.

“The reason I tagged my soccer event, “Agege-Jude Football Empowerment Tournament Cup”, is that though we have a People Democratic Party (PDP) Senator, representing Delta South Senatorial District in the person of Sen. James Manager, but as you can see, there is no government’s presence in Isaba kingdom after all years in the Senate, but see what Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege, his fellow Senator from Delta Central Senatorial District has done for his own people.

“Looking at Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege, the current Deputy Senate President and APC governorship candidate, our governor in waiting, few weeks from now, you can see his achievements in Senatorial District. You can see the achievements all over the social media. He has massively improved the living standards of the people of his Senatorial District, from ward to local government and the district levels, making his people so proud of him as a true representative.

“That was what actually motivated me to name this soccer tournament after Omo-Agege because he has become my role model in politics. Because the kind of things he is doing are the kind of things I love to do and I want to do.

“One day, by the special grace of God, either by appointment or being elected into a public office in government, I will do things to positively impact lives. Though I have not been opportuned to occupy any public position in government, because God is still blessing me one way or the other, I deemed it fit to lay a foundation to affect lives in my community and local government area in general.

“I have been affecting lives even before now and I will to continue to affect more lives positively with what God has blessed with me just as Sen. Omo-Agege, the current Deputy Senate President and our incoming governor, who actually motivated me by his good performance is doing”, Engr. Akpodubakaye asserted.

He add: “Sen. Omo-Agege is a good man. My advice to the people of Warri South-West Local Government Area is for them to chose wisely during the forthcoming general elections. They should not sell their votes. They should rather vote their conscience. The Isaba people know the truth that there has to be a change in the kingdom

“Sen. Omo-Agege is the best candidate among all the candidates in Delta State because he has represented his people so well as Senator, representing Delta Central Senatorial District. Look at our own Senator James Manager, he has been there, the ancient of days, yet there is nothing he has done for the Isaba kingdom, so why must we go and vote for another PDP man again.

“Sorry to say, look at Ejele, why must they bring a candidate that we know cannot not perform to represent us. A man that cannot even participate during debates at plenary in the State House of Assembly. Look at our senatorial candidate, High Chief Joel, he has been chairman, Delta State Board of Internal Revenue once where he generated billions of Naira for Delta State and he is still doing very well. He is very intelligent.

“They should vote for people who will take them to the next next. Look at their House of Assembly member, who has not made any impact in Isaba kingdom, talk less of coordinating any event in Isaba kingdom. He has nothing to show for it. The people should change him by voting the APC State House of Assembly candidate, Hon. Clement Tekedor. Vote 5 over 5 and see the difference in Isaba kingdom.

“This is just the beginning, we will be rolling out so many programmes as the days go by to meaningfully engage the people at the grassroots. Even though Isaba community did not win the final match of the football tournament, you can see how every body is jubilating for the singular fact that an event like this is being hosted in their own community for the first time.

“The sole purpose of organising this football competition is to bring peace among Isaba, Ogbe-Ijoh, Gbaramatu and Itsekiri kingdoms which make up the Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State.

“We are also using this event to particularly make the people of Isaba kingdom happy and hopeful of more dividends of democracy from the All Progressives Congress, when our governorship candidate, the Deputy Senate President, Omo-Agege eventually becomes the executive governor of Delta State, by the grace of God in few weeks from now.

“There has to be a change of political leadership in the area. My message to the electorates is that they should take their money and vote for the the right candidates. I know PDP has not made any meaningful impact in Isaba kingdom. Take for instance, the PDP government has been in power for over eighteen years, but looking at the deplorable condition of Isaba community, you can testify to the fact that the current PDP led administration has not lived up to the people’s expectations in terms of provision of social amenities and infrastructural development, including human capacity building among the youths.

“Look at the inter-commual crisis between the Aladja people and Ogbe-Ijoh which has lasted many years, the PDP government has rather, being playing politics with the Aladja- Ogbe-Ijoh crisis and have refused to resolve the inter-commual fued for all these donkey years.

“Sadly, I have lost persons in the crisis that were so dear to me. I lost own staff working on my fish farm in Ogbe-Ijoh, being my mother’s community. It would shock you to know that one of my staff was even beheaded in broad day light. I have lost my brothers in this community; Gabriel Simgbi is my cousin, I lost him in the crisis.

“I have lost persons that were dear to me but the people that are in power don’t care because there is no one to challenge them. If the PDP government means well, they can actually bring security personnel the area, even though they have not been able to resolve the crisis as expected.

“The government of the day has what it takes to deploy security personnel to the warring communities so that the communities will not run into each other, but they don’t care, rather, they want people to die. They want to make their money through security votes. So I am calling on Isaba kingdom to change the political leadership by voting out the PDP-led government”, Engr. Akpodubakaye stated

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