We Have Heard Your Grievances, We Promise To Improve On Our Leadership Style; Pondi, Agediga Assured Ogulagha Kingdom Urban Women Forum During TSA Interactive Session.

It was an atmosphere of what seems like a family affair in the beginning which later turn to “Say Your Mind” gathering, as the Director General (DG) of Team Shedrack Agediga – TSA of Riverine Mobilization For PDP Comr Dr Shedrack Agediga today hosted an intense interactive/ mobilization session with the Ogulagha Kingdom Urban Women Forum at Teebilos Hotel in the oil city of Warri, Delta State.

The TSA Interactive/mobilization session was well attended by the member representing the good people of Burutu federal constituency Rt Hon Julius Pondi and other top cream of personalities in the board of TSA.

While making his first remark, the Director General (DG) Team Shedrack Agediga-TSA Comr Dr Shedrack Agediga extended his esteem appreciation to all teeming members of the Ogulagha Urban Women Forum whom out of their tight schedules avail themselves for today’s interactive session.

He continued by saying, ” it’s yet another political season once again and it’s important, i deemed fit to invite you all as mother’s and daughter’s of Ogulagha Kingdom to in-house session, so that, we can discuss and rubbed mind together as a family with the sole aim of delivering all PDP Candidate in the forth coming general election in the state.

Agediga during his speech, recounted alot of verifiable projects in all communities across Ogulagha Kingdom which he says are empirical evidence of how PDP led Delta State government love and cherished the good people Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu LGA of Delta State.

He stated, while Oliver ask for more, it’s vital we show our voting strength in the next coming election by fully supporting PDP and voting all its candidate in order to attract more dividends of democracy to Ogulagha Kingdom in the coming government.

The TSA-DG spoke extensively to the conscience of the women during the interactive session and wholeheartedly appealed to them to shade sword of grievances if any before this time and channel their holistic support to PDP in totality during the February and March general election”.

On the part of the member representing the good of Burutu federal constituency Rt Hon Julius Pond while speaking to the women said, ” I am proud to be an Ogulagha man and on the part as a two term legislator, I am also extremely proud of my achievement during my eight (8) year in office so far.

I have personally executed alot of projects across Ogulagha Kingdom as a legislator and more are also awarded awaiting execution in the coming days”, he added.

He further stresses his speech during the interactive session by saying, “I am not perfect a man, I have my own personal flaws as human but in all, I am your child, pardon me if I have done any act contrary, it’s not intentional, i promise to improve on my leadership style”, Pondi reiterated.

However, Pondi uses the opportunity to solicit for vote and promises them of more developmental/ empowerment stride when elected into power in the next government.

Notwithstanding, the interactive session took another dimension as the floor was officially open for any aggrevied member to air thier views.

At this point, few members whom out of the hundred of women that were in attendance spoke out, “we are all Ogulagha Kingdom women and Pondi is our dear son, we are proud of him and that of the executive director Planing Research and Statistics in the board of DESOPADEC Comr Dr Shedrack Agediga. You both have done well for Ogulagha Kingdom and we promise to mobilize, support and vote all PDP Candidate in the coming general election”, the women assured.

Moreover, the meeting ended well as both party unanimously agreed to work together and vote all PDP Candidate the forth coming general election here in Delta State in order to ameliorate more dividends to the good people of Ogulagha Kingdom.

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