Tradition: New Egbesu Priest Idukedoumene Releases Powerful Statement After Completing Initiation



Today marks the seventh day of the Egbesu Priesthood Initiation, which brings the program to an end.

Oporoza Community, The Seat of Power of Gbaramatu kingdom came out in mass, both men and women, young and old to celebrate the Initiates who are now the newest Priest Of Ijaw Nation.

It is a thing of joy to have gone through this process and came out as a new creature, now an Egbesu Kolukoluwei ( an Apostle of God) in service to God and Man( particularly my Ijaw Nation).

To my fellow Ijaw people and all other Traditionalists out there, I understand your concerns of secrecy of our ways, which used to be so in time of old.

I bring to you the good news of our new testament that our ways are neither diabolic nor Evil, rather, our religion is that of Love, purity and forgiveness. In this light, I emplore all believers who had backslided as a result of the old doctrine of unforgivingness to return back to their root and new comers that Egbesu is The Mother who forgives the shortcomings of her children and the Father who protects His own.

The vail of Our Religion has been open wide for all to embrace and practice without shame and fear.

Congratulations to all My fellow Egbesu Kolukoluwei. May your oil never run dry.

#Egbesu_Kolukoluwei_(Priest Of God)

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