Pondi Releases Message Of Hope To Burutu Constituents, Highlights 2023 Projects In View



Year of Renewed Hope

1. It is with a rekindled hope, expectations and assurance that my constituents and I welcome the new year 2023. Given the challenges the country has had to contend with in the recent past, it is our fervent belief and expectations that 2023 shall usher Burutu Federal Constituency and Nigeria into another season of comparative prosperity reminiscent of the President Goodluck Jonathan years of happiness, economic growth and stability. This is when we shall have successfully, through our votes, discarded price volatility, and restore stable and strong currency, surplus agricultural outputs, equitable distribution of appointments to public offices among the federating units of the country, cheap transportation, and availability of energy as mechanisms to drive a more tolerant, accommodating and stable economy for our people

2. In spite of all the contending variables in the political, economic and security sectors of the country, I have endeavoured to place the interest and welfare of Burutu Federal Constituency in the consciousness of discourse in the national assembly. This I have diligently done through active participation in debates to shape our country for the better, sponsorship of motions and pieces of legislations some of which have scaled several hurdles through the favourable support of my colleagues in the house of representatives. In due course, it is expected that the results of such efforts would manifest through the institution of infrastructural growth that would generate employment for our people and widen the scope of economic and social opportunities in Burutu Federal Constituency.

3. As we all approach the next election that is exactly 27 days from today, it behoves us to envision what lies ahead. The challenges ahead beckon on my constituents and I to return to the national assembly to drive the continuation and conclusion of the institutions I am resolutely committed to bringing to our people.

4. It is possible!

5. For example, I am mindful of the overwhelming relevance of a College of Fisheries and Aquaculture as well as an Institute of Diving Technology to the economic, ecological, social and cultural environment of our homeland.

6. Am working on these two institutions

7. In this new year, I have ensured that few provisions are made in the 2023 national budget signed by Mr President on the 3rd January for the following projects for Burutu Federal Constituency.

8. The projects are as follows

a. construction of a mini stadium in Torugbene ( ward one)

b. provision of solar powered street lights, Tamigbe ( ward two)

c. renovation and equipping of tubegbe health centre, provision of solar powered street lights in Tubegbe ,Tuomo, Ogbobagbene ( ward three)

d. renovation and equipping of health care centre Okpokunou, solar powered street lights in Edegbene, Dunu ogosu, (ward four)

e. provision of solar powered street lights Ojobo ( ward five)

f. renovation of town hall building in Egirangbene community, renovation and equipping of health centre Ndoro, provisions of solar powered street lights to Ekogbene, Ebeberegbene, ekumgbene ( ward six)

g. renovation and equipping of health care center Ayakoromo, provision of solar powered lights to Oyangbene, bubougbene, Akparemogbene, Eseimogbene ( ward Seven)

h. provision of solar powered lights to Kiagbodo and Bikorogha communities ( ward Eight)

i. provision of solar powered street lights in Egodo, Okrika, Agbodobiri ( ward Nine)

j. construction of block of three classrooms in Obotebe, solar powered street lights in Burutu, Forcados, Opuapale, ( ward Ten)

k. Mini stadium in Sokebolou, Construction of block of 6 classrooms in Torububou Primary Sch. Obotobo, Solar powered street lights in Okuntu, Kandaghan, Okibo Zion, Completion of Teachers Quarter in Odimodi and Solar lights, renovation and equipping of health centre Ofougbene.( ward Eleven)

9. The provision of street lights shall be pursued very vigorously and implemention to commence in two weeks.

10. Therefore, it is just logical and imperative that I am enabled to continue to count on, and lean on the support and encouragement of our people. A ranking member of parliament is a blessing to a constituency. As a device of political progression, it is a tool that enables a constituency to harvest a pool of social and infrastructural benefits for its people. Also, it stands it in good stead to clinch a principal position of parliamentary leadership if, in our case, we collaborate to make our party, the PDP win the presidency and hold the majority seats in the national assembly. It would be desirable to achieve a replica of it in Delta State both in the executive branch and the state house of assembly.

11. Very assuredly, I am pleased to note that our constituency, given my arousal of the awareness of other federating parts of the country towards Burutu Federal Constituency, would continue to enjoy the empathetic support for the developmental needs and challenges of our area.

12. Therefore, I urge our people to continue to embrace the compelling need to be represented by a strong, vocal and rational voice that would trumpet with resonate impact, the challenges and needs of our people. We should not be blinded by the deceptions of persons who have woefully failed the country in these past few years. They were privy to deceiving the people of making wrong choices that have left the country panting for economic and security survival.

13. We should join hands to lift our country out from the pit of despair and agony that we now find ourselves. We should reject the authors of misbegotten public policies and repudiate those who are the harbingers of the deceptions which have led to the current pains on the Nigerian people.

14. As we do so, I wish everyone of us in Burutu Federal Constituency a year that would herald prosperity and life more abundant. I believe in the aspirations of my people and I remain humbled by their trust.

15. Happy New Year!

16. Julius G Pondi

House of Representatives

30th January, 2023

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