By Binebai Princewill

One of the latest Egbesu priest in Nigeria, Gen. Freedom Adowei now priest Freedom Adowei on Monday stated that there is a lot to benefit from Egbesu as Ijaws.

The revered and renowned Niger Delta former warlord made the remark earlier today via a chat with The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide in Delta State.

Adowei, one of the latest Egbesu priest noted that Ijaws should always see themselves defending and protecting Egbesu and the sacred tradition of the Ijaws.

General Adowei maintained that the Ijaws must not continue to live their lives with complete disregard to her traditions, stressing that foreign and strange traditions are now fast becoming the order of the day for the Ijaws.

Priest Adowei continued that well meaning Ijaws must take deliberate steps in rescuing the Ijaw culture and tradition from extinction.

However, Freedom asserted that he will as a priest of Egbesu and leader in Ijaw do his part by sensitising younger ones on the importance of the Ijaw tradition.

Adowei asserted that ‘Egbesu’ as a god of the Ijaws is a god of justice with unprecedented powers that cannot be captured orally nor verbally.

Meanwhile, Adowei had particularly lauded High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo whom he described as the supreme leader of the Ijaws as a leader that have done more than enough for the continued survival of the Ijaws and her tradition in the Nigerian state.

Freedom Adowei had also called on all well meaning Ijaws to emulate the lifestyle of Tompolo for a more progressive Ijaw nation.

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