2023: Oborevwori Will Bring Positive Change To Delta State If Elected – Ukori


The people of Delta State are in for a treat if they vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborivwori, and his deputy, Sir. Monday Onyeme, in the upcoming general elections.

This was contained in an interview with Amb. Comr. Jude Ukori, who said, “Rt. Hon. Sheriff is a vibrant and passionate leader who will bring hope, progress, and positive change to the Delta State.”

According to him, ” Sherriff has promised to prioritize the needs of the people. He has promised to create jobs, improve healthcare, and promote education. He is committed to providing quality education for all, including the most vulnerable and marginalized members of the community. He will also strive to provide better access to healthcare, with a focus on preventive and primary care”.

In addition, Ukori posited that the Party’s governorship candidate is committed to continue from where the present administration will stop by reducing poverty in Delta State.

” Sheriff has promised to continuously invest in small businesses and create more job opportunities for the people of the state, he will also work to increase access to credit and capital for small businesses, so they can thrive and create more jobs.”

Comr. Ukoli went further to say that “Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborivwori also plans to improve infrastructure in the state, and he is committed to building and repairing roads, bridges, and other essential infrastructure.”

Comr. Ukoli remarked that the PDP governorship candidate is committed to protecting the environment in the state. ” He will work to reduce pollution and promote sustainable development, also promote the responsible use of natural resources”

Comr. Ukoli ended by saying, “The people of Delta State can count on Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborivwori and his deputy, Sir. Monday Onyeme, to bring progress, hope, and positive change to the state. If they vote for PDP in the upcoming general elections, they will be rewarded with the many benefits he has promised to deliver.”

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