By Binebai Princewill

President general of the Niger Delta Youth Council (NDYC), Amb. Comr. Mamamu Bene Youkore, alias Young Chief at the wee hours of Wednesday appealed to Nigerian youths, particularly those in Niger Delta region to be calm amidst the scarcity of cash and other provocative elements in the country.

The Niger Delta Youth Council President, Amb. Mamamu Bene Youkore made appeal earlier today in Warri during a media chat with The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide.

According to him, while the naira scarcity within the last days has brought untold hardship to Nigerians, he however admonished the youths to be calm despites the provocations, stressing that life has become helish and brutish.

Mamamu continued that Nigerians are truly passing through a difficult situation, stressing that this is a test that Nigerians must pass through diligently.

However, the Niger Delta Youth Council President had maintained that youths must get their PVCs ready to vote out these crop of leaders in other to get Nigeria back to its former self.

“We are all victims to what is happening now, the best thing we can do now is to take revenge against these group of people by voting them out of the system in the forthcoming general election. ” Bene added.

The Niger Delta Youth Council President, Amb. Mamamu Bene Youkore had called on the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Godwin Emiefele to print and circulate more money in the country.

Meanwhile, he had admonished Niger Delta Youths to go out freelly on February 25th and March 11th 2023 to go out and vote for their preferred candidates that will rescue Nigeria from its current quagmire.

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