Ex-Militant leaders from the six states of the Niger Delta region have explained reasons why the stakeholders from Delta state abandoned the State Governor and Vice Presidential candidate, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa failed to deliver the People’s Democratic Party in the State.

According to the Ex-Militant leaders, operating under the auspices of Supreme Egbesu Freedom Fighters, , Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa failure during the Presidential poll was due to his allege betrayal of the agreement with key stakeholders including Senator James manager and Freedom Fighters in the Niger Delta struggle.

The Ex-Militant leaders announced that the Five Ijaw Local Government areas in the creek of Delta state have declared their full support and throw their weight behind the APC Governorship Candidate of Delta state,Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and rejected the candidate of PDP, Rt Hon Sherrif Oborevwori over his alleged corrupt maladministration of abysmal lopsided government that has indebted the state to the tune of 850bn without any meaningful Development in the last 8yesrs.

The group, Supreme Egbesu Freedom Fighters, in a statement issued in Delta State by Gen Oruware AKA, AGADAGBA from Burutu LGA, Gen Darlington Agbe Alias River Lord from Egbema, Gen, Ebi command from Iduwini kingdom and Gen Osain from Patani LGA announced that they have decided to come out and declare their choice for the Governorship seat of the State,” As ex-agitators who are sacrificing their lives at the forefront agitating for the overall development and betterment of entire Niger Delta region and Delta state for decays, we can not fold there arms neither our hands and keep quiet and allow the destiny of there children or the future of Deltans to be mortgaged by the failure PDP in the state anymore”

“PDP is an undemocratic party, unpatriotic unholy and corrupt in the management of the abundance resources of the state in the last 8years. It is clear to all of us and all Deltans that the party called PDP does not mean well for the advancement, development and progress of the state. And could not be allowed to hold the state to ransom as it is in the hands of Gov Ifeanyi OKOWA for the last 8years any longer.”

“And it is known to all Niger Deltans and well meaning Deltans that, Senator Author Ifeanyi Okowa,. the Gov of Delta state, was one of the southern Govs who agreed to shift power to southern Nigeria come 2023, but what happened at the long run, it was full of betrayal, selfishness and backstabbing of the people of southern Nigeria when he Gov Ifeanyi Okowa decided to work against Gov Wike of Rivers State and others who was also contesting at the PDP Presidential primaries from the south and later accepted to be the running mate to former Vice President ATIKU ABUBAKA in the just concluded Presidential election against the agreement of the entire southern Govs Forum that was hosted by the Ifeanyi OKOWA himself in Asaba.”

“It is also on record that, Sen Dr Author Ifeanyi Okowa, betrayed we the Ijaw People in Delta state by single handedly stood against the previous agreement he Gov Ifeanyi Okowa enterd with Sen James Manager with leaders of thought and Political stakeholders from the Five Ijaw Local Government Areas in Delta state, prior to the build up to the 2014 Govship election, in wish Sen James manager and our most respected leader and Freedom Fighter in the Niger Delta struggle, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo AKA Tompolo, and other leaders stood their ground and provided all resources available to them including presidential connections in full support of Sen Author Ifeanyi Okowa to emerge as the sole PDP Governorship Candidate of the party”

” And prior before his emergence, Sen Dr Author Ifeanyi Okowa enterd ino agreement that after his 8years of rule he will shift the power to the Delta South Senatorial district and precisely it will go to the Ijaw People and it will be an Ijaw turn to govern Delta state come 2023, and that he acknowledged the massive support with all financial resources and contacts and every other things that the good people of the Ijaw ethnic tribe pull behind him and that if not for the bold step that the Ijaw People from Delta south senatorial district pull behind him before against the Delta central Senatorial district he would ve not be able to emerge as the PDP Govship Candidate then and even to talk of becoming the Gov of the state”

“And today, we the leadership of the entire ex Militant Leaders under the auspices of the SUPREME EGBESU FREEDOM FIGHTERS, From the Five Ijaw Local Government Areas in the creek of Delta state is asking Sen Dr Author Ifeanyi OKOWA the Gov of the state and his lopsided leadership of authorcratic Government, where are we now? And what led to the emergence of of Sherrif OBOREVWORI as the PDP Govship Candidate of the state at the primaries in Asaba.”

” And who masterminded the lost of the illustrious sons of the Ijaw nation that also contested in PDP Govship primaries held in Asaba? You boldly work against Sen James Manager, who was the arrow head of your emergence as the PDP Govship Candidate in 2014, and you also work against your own Deputy Gov, Deacon Burutu Otuaru, who is also an ally and a cousin brother to Tompolo, Tompolo who come out in full force and vowed to crush anything that will come across his way in the build up of making you the next Gov of the state in 2014.”
” But now where are we now? Gov Okowa did the Ijaw People from the Delta South Senatorial district got the PDP Govship ticket no? Gov Okowa did you support the Ijaw People from the Delta South Senatorial district who stood by you in 2014 to enable them succeed you, the answer is no, and did you stood by them, the answer is no as well.”

“Therefore on this note, we the Agitating Militant groups and stakeholders who are at the forefront Agitating for the overall Development and betterment of our people have made up our mind and agreed to pay Okowa back the same way he deliberately stood against the progress of the Ijaw People in the five Ijaw Local Government Areas in the creeks of Delta state and we unamously agreed to reject the Govship Candidate of Okowa, Hon Sherrif OBOREVWORI of the PDP, and agreed to endorse the APC Candidate, Sen OVIE OMO-AGEGE and throw our full weight behind OVIE OMO-AGEGE and will massively cast our votes cut across the entire five Ijaw Local Government Areas in the creek of Delta state, because Sen OVIE OMO-AGEGE is the answer and the solution to address the under developmental challenges confronting the people of the RIVERINE COMMUNITIES in the Five Ijaw Local Government Areas, and we have come to realized that there is no truth, trust, credibility and have no confidence in the Okowa led PDP and it’s Govship Candidate, therefore Sen OVIE OMO-AGEGE is the only option to actualize the Ijaw Gov of Delta state dream after OVIE OMO-AGEGE 8years of rule”.

“SEN OVIE OMO-AGEGE is tried, tested, trusted and reliable trustworthy competent capacity leader who has performed beyond reasonable doubt as a former Commissioner for Special duties Delta state, former SSG of Delta state government and two term senator of Delta central senatorial district and president of the senate Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the highest Political Leader of Niger Delta, in that regard Senator OVIE OMO-AGEGE has attracted a lot of INFRASTRUCTURAL Development with human empowerment and a lot of federal appointments to the good people of Delta central senatorial district, the Uhrobo Nation and across the length and breadth of Delta state in particular.”

” Therefore we use this medium to urge all well meaning sons and daughters of the five Ijaw Local Government Areas and Deltans to embrace Senator OVIE OMO-AGEGE Govship Project and come out fully to vote for OVIE OMO-AGEGE on Saturday Govship election.”

“Finally we are here to assure all sons and daughters of the FIVE IJAW LOCAL GOVT AREA’S, that OVIE OMO-AGEGE will pass the bill before the state of house assembly seeking for the establishment of COASTAL COMMUNITIES DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, OVIE OMO-AGEGE will establish State Polytechnic of science, technology and management studies in Bomadi Local Government Area, in the headquarters of Bomadi Local Government, that will expand the commercial economic growth of the riverine communities in that area and that of educational lifeline will be adequately increased, and lastly there will be a state Institute of Agricultural Research, Fisherie and technology in the Egbema kingdom in one of the Warri North Ijaw riverine communities in Delta state.”

“To this end, the group of Niger Delta Ex Militant Leaders under the auspices of the FIVE IJAW LOCAL GOVT AREA’S Ex Militant Leaders Forum come to the conclusion that Sen OVIE OMO-AGEGE stand out the best among all, there is going to be tremendous massive INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENTAL Projects that will spin around the entire state and Warri City will be transformed to the dubai of Africa and OVIE OMO-AGEGE has already making plans to partner with foreign investors to revamp and upgrade the Osubi airstrip to cargo international passenger airport that will attract more foreign investment and economic growth of the Warri City.”