PAP: Ex-Militants To Meet Over Urgent Sack Of Wilfred Musa, Head Of Reintegration

By Binebai Princewill

Ex-agitators in the Niger Delta region on whose bloods the Presidential Niger Delta Amnesty Programme (PAP) was established in 2009 have concluded plans to meet over the urgent sack of Mr. Wilfred Musa, Head of Reintegration Department, PAP.

This was contained in a statement signed by Mr. Ebi Ebibobra Ogoni on behalf of the ex-agitators in Ondo state, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide yesterday.

According to the group, they promised that the coming days will be interesting as after their anticipated big meeting, they will come up with plans to shutdown the Amnesty office in Abuja until Mr. Wilfred Musa, Head of Reintegration Department of the Amnesty Programme is removed and replaced immediately.

The statement had noted that the group has to take such step to teach Mr. Wilfred Musa a lesson as he is said to have allegedly becoming a demigod in the office.

They continued that Mr. Wilfred Musa will wilfully stop the monthly stipends of Amnesty delegates at any slightest opportunity on his own, adding that even in the head office in Abuja, if anyone has any issue with him, the person will be suffocated in the office from his or her entitlements and other means as long as the office is concerned.
However, Ebibobra had also in the statement noted that he is also a victim of Mr. Wilfred Musa’s arrogance.

He continued that since Wilfred Musa assumed duty as head of Reintegration Department, PAP, he has also prevented a lot of people from getting their entitlements in the office, stressing that calls put across to him have even made Musa to boast that such delegates will not get their entitlements and have even challenged some ex-agitators that tried to intervene to do their worse.

Nevertheless, the ex-agitators have stated that while they don’t have time to talk much, they noted that they are the ones that fought for the establishment of PAP, adding that for the fact that they have been quiet for other people to benefit does not mean that they should be disrespected in such manner by neophytes in the Niger Delta struggle.

Meanwhile, they concluded that they will not relax until Mr. Wilfred Musa is sacked from the office, promising that the coming days will be tough with massive protest for the sack of Mr Wilfred Musa.