Oil Facility Sabotage: Groups Knock Traducers Of Adokiye, Says They Are Stomach Hustlers

Joint Press Release

9th March 2023


The allegations of oil facilities sabotage levelled against the Executive Vice President of the Nigerian Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL), Mr. Tombomieye ADOKIYE by one faceless group of stomach hustlers are the handiwork of some vested interests coveting the office of Mr. Adokiye, especially his soon-to-be promoted office.

Some vested interests and born-to-rule crusaders are the ones coveting the office of the only Niger Deltan holding such sensitive office. Hence, they recruited some willing tools and jobbers to carry out smear campaigns against the man. The petition purportedly written to the EFCC by the Niger Delta Youths and Stakeholders Congress against Mr. Bombomieye Adokiye is a fallacy of ad baculum and thus, did not deserved the attention of the anti graft agency.

We’re not surprised that the Commission has chosen not to respond to such cheap lies in the alleged petition, manufactured to achieve a primordial objective by their sponsors. We advise the said Group to engage itself in meaningful ventures instead of being used as a pawn in the chessboard. It is appalling that people can just manufactured cheap and unfiltered lies against an innocent man just because they’re eyeing his office.
EFCC as an agency with a high-tech intelligent gathering, cannot waste its precious time to probe into such a worthless petition. The petitioners should know that they’re only using hollow basket to fetch water. That is an effort in futility. Those wishful thinkers should bear in mind that not even in their wildest dreams will EFCC stoop so low to entertain such an infantile gibberish, a misconceived balderdash primed to witch hunt a perceived enemy.

We warn enemies of progress to refrain from their nefarious activities. Nigeria belongs to all of us. We know the faces behind the uncouth and incendiary attacks on Mr. Adokiye. The man should be allowed to carry out his corporate responsibilities without let or hindrance. Even when the NNPCL management board is being dominated by a section of the Country against the provisions of Federal Character Act and the1999 Constitution to the resentment of the Niger Delta people, the region did not incite people to haul attack on the people who dominated the Board.

Adokiye should be left alone to run the affairs of his office. The allegations levelled against him by that faceless group lacked all forms of merit. Only a myopic mind will buy into such incoherently pernicious lies. EFCC and all instruments of State powers should not close their eyes to people bringing mischievous petitions to them. Let the relevant laws be invoked on those mischievous elements bringing false information to them in order to tarnish the towering images of innocent Nigerians who are busy serving the nation in their various capacities.
We therefore urge the Commission to invite the faces behind the Niger Delta Youths and Stakeholders Congress to prove their innocuous petition. EFCC should not waste time to prosecute them if they cannot prove their allegations. It’s trite that supplying false information to security agencies is an offence in itself. We expect the anti graft agency to take action immediately in this regard. This will serve as a deterrence to other mischievous whistleblowers.

Cleric Ebikonbowei Alaowei, Esq.
Chairman Board of Trustees,
Centre for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade (CHURAC);
Augustine Ebi Okporu, (JP),
Niger Delta People’s Foundation (NDPF)