A youth leader in Niger Delta, Comr. Ebolo Samuel has appealed to Youths in Burutu Local Government Area, particularly Burutu North to support the candidature of Amb. Dr. Comr. Anthony Ebitonmo Alapala, popularly known as Odumalagba in his quest to Represent Burutu North in the Delta State House of Assembly.

The Youth leader noted that it is time for the Youths to wake up from their deep slumber and take their possession.

However, Ebolo Samuel asserted that giving a chance to Alapala to represent Burutu North in the Delta State House of Assembly will bring about positive change.

Speaking further, Ebolo had passionately appealed to the youths to vote Alapala of APC come March 18th House of Assembly Election.

The statement reads below:


Without doubt, one of the most significant question every youth in Burutu North would ask if given the opportunity has to do with the possibility of the “growing concern of the deteriorating state of Burutu North”.
This “worrisome ” question arises mainly from the fears and despairs the youth encounter daily as we try to make our existence worthwhile.

The above question raised has to do with the level of confidence that we have in terms of the relative opportunity to realise our potentials within the Nigerian political and economic milieu especially in Burutu local government Area.

long after the creation of Delta state, the youth in Burutu North will agree with me in the continuing story of bad leadership and poor governance.

At this time of political moment in Delta state, one of the most discussed issues of our time is the absence of a leadership that has the required vision and wisdom to lift the state from its fallen or diminished condition.

The communities in Burutu North since the creation of Delta has not gotten her fair share of the dividends of democracy. This is because of bad leadership under both civilian and military administrations, with varying degrees of impact since inception of the creation of the state that has been crippling our enduring democracy.

But the current one is very severe, the like of which has not been experienced for quite some time. The cumulative effect of this has been the outright collapse of infrastructure, particularly electricity with consequences for industrialisation efforts and the economy as a whole which are disturbingly obvious.

Education, health services, Youth empowerment, women inclusiveness and many other productive ventures which ought to be a pivotal aspect of good leadership have been brought to the mud due to lack of people who are incapacitated & unproductive in leadership, those to whom lack the ethics & principles of good Governance.

How long must we continue with having people in leadership who does even understand representation, lobbying or rather speak in favor of the masses they’re representing.

We can’t afford to waste another whooping 4years to undeserving leaders who sleeps while their mate are discussing the growth & Development, pains & solutions of their people in the Delta state house of Assembly.
Upon the above varying reasons, I wish to call on the youths, women, leaders, businessmen & politicians today to massively vote in Dr. Amb. ALapala Ebitonmo for Burutu North Assembly come 18th, 2023 for productive, adequate, vision oriented & infrastructural & human capital Development.

ALAPALA’S track records, Antecedents clearly shows his humanitarian & sympathetic nature towards his constituency. His burning desire to Impact lives without minding their root is inborn & have been acknowledge before the four walls of the Niger Delta region.

His emergence to the house will mark an end to retrogression, backwardness & a hope for youth to rise from political oblivion to a more productive venture, skills & manpower. let us collectively turn this vision to reality as the decision to lift ourselves up lies in the power of our votes.

Ebolo Samuel wrote this piece from Ayakoromo community in Burutu LGA.