July 21, 2024

…urges the public to disregard such cheap blackmail claimed by the group, and urge PINL to continue the war against pipeline vandals, oil theives in the Niger Delta.

The Niger Delta Anti-Pipeline/Crude Oil Theft Taskforce Group, NDAPOTTTG, Wednesday, blasted a group called Coalition For Peace and Development in Niger Delta, COPDIND, over alleged lies and cheap blackmail against Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited Company, PINL, and condemned the publication made on some national dailies.

This was contained in a statement signed by the National Coordinator, NDAPOTTT, GEN, FIAWEI PATHFINDER (AKA) GEN OSAMA, where it described the allegations as unfounded lies and intentional blackmail by the President of the group, one Mr Atama Mien and Secretary of the group, Mr Tamuno Long-John to tarnish the image of Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited Company.

GEN OSAMA said: “Niger Delta Anti-Pipeline/Crude Oil Theft Taskforce Group and it’s leadership condemns in strong term a purported cheap blackmail written as statement emanating from an unknown self-acclaimed group, called Coalition For Peace and Development in Niger Delta, COPDIND, led by its so-called President, one Mr Atama Mien, and Secretary of the group, Mr Tamuno Long-John, “We want to say that the duo who made the statement and published in national dailies are very far from the truth and all blatant lies from the figment of their imagination.

“We express our disappointment over selfish reasons, as these two have displayed and danced naked in the market square without having the facts they claim they have and went on to publish libelous things that can cause them a jail term, for alleged blackmail and perpetrating false information to ignite public unrest. “Their claims are terribly falsely fabricated lies and cheap blackmail which are intentionally in trying to diminishing the credibility and image of the PINL Company because of sheer barbarism and mischief orchestrated to cause disaffection bad blood between the stakeholders in the host communities and the company.

“Their purported claims which include alleged neglect by the management of PINL is a big lie and it is from the pit of hell. We as major stakeholders in pipeline protection and fight against vandalism and crude oil theft know the great role played by the Management of PINL in the Niger Delta region that handles the Trans Niger Pipeline, TNP, in some parts of Bayelsa, Rivers, and Imo States including Abia State. “It is very unfortunate that some unscrupulous disgruntled elements in the Niger Delta region always toe the line of selfishness, falsehood, mischief, and pull-him-down syndrome. These have made the region to remain backward.”

The group warned in strong term that, “To this end, we remind these group of disgruntled elements whom we already known that are behind these devilish unpatriotic unholy barbaric wicked act, peddling false allegations and cheap blackmails to scuttle the good job done by the management of Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited Company, PINL all this while by courageously at the forefront in the war against oil thieves pipeline vandalism and their sponsors in the region to standstill, henceforth stop and retrace their footsteps from such evil publications and falsehood against the management of PINL, If not we will be tempted to go after them one by one and declare them as enemies to the war against pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft and as enemies to the fragile peace being enjoyed in the region.

And will not hesitate to tag them enemy to the progress being achieved by the PINL company within the short period in this operation, and will join forces with the law enforcement agencies to fish them out from there hideout, and they should allow us to let the cat out of the bag because these persons who are behind these devilish unpatriotic barbaric wicked condenmable act are also beneficiaries of the PINL surveillance operations in the region. Source of information available before us is that, these persons are also planning to organize a protest Against the management of PINL in other to course tension in the region and public unrest, and for their own good they have been advised to desist from such evil plot, let the truth be told, we will not going to fold our hands to keep quiet sit down and allow them to carry on such act. A word is enough for the wise.

“We also urged the management of PINL to continue the great job it is doing to keep the nation’s oil infrastructure safe and productive to run the engine of the economy, because even the blind could see and testify the laudable good fight PINL surveillance Contractor is doing, especially for courageously fighting against the menace of Pipeline Vandalism and Oil theft to a standstill, we pledge our full support and throw our full weight behind the management of PINL as synergy to actualize the mandate given as terms of the contract.

He (FIAWEI) also known as OSAMA, made it clear that the allegations are open for anybody to investigate because as far as we are concerned all these allegations are baseless and falsely fabricated to seek attention in other to make money as their usual method which are already on the know of the company, therefore it is nothing to worry about, either depend on them, which according to him, the management of PINL has been one of the foremost indigenous companies in the oil and gas sector operating in the region and making great impact in the lives of the people in the region, which they have become a household name.

“For clarity’s sake, it behooves on us to make Nigerians know that the management of Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited, PINL, over the years established a sustainable cordial working relationship with host communities on the TNP run off way, and leaving none behind, whereby the relationship has blossomed seamlessly. We also make bold to say that PINL is not just a company but an institution established for the betterment of the lives of the people in the region and carries out their well-articulated projects and programmes that have immensely impacted lives of all ages.

“It is evident that a cordial working relationship with the Oil Producing Communities and stakeholders who have been the hosts to the Trans Niger Pipeline TNP, run off way has been on and sustained for many years without breach of any of the social contract as a well established reputable organization that is transparent, accountable trustworthy and operates on achieving on it’s set mandate as a competent Company with capability.

“Hence, the records are there to show that before the PINL Company kick started the Trans Niger Pipeline Surveillance job in Bayelsa, Rivers, Imo and that of Abia States, there was a serious of stakeholders engagement meetings between the management of PINL and the host communities’ youths, traditional rulers of various kingdoms, village heads, community chairmen, women groups and various youth organisations.

“Including all ex-militant leaders who are from these communities were not left out, as far as critical stakeholders and opinion leaders across the region are concerned, which included Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Ijaw National Congress, INC, both former and present serving presidents of IYC and that of INC, were all engaged for proper understanding and smooth working operations, even MOSIEND was not left out in the scheme of things as far as the operations and engagements of critical stakeholders are concerned.” Therefore we may want to ask at what time date and venue, that the management of PINL enter into any agreement with these faceless criminal minded group called, Coalition Of Organization For Peace and Development in the Niger Delta?COPDIND,

He (FIAWEI) also known as OSAMA added that PINL was the first company even IOC’s to come to the rescue of the devastated flood victims and their communities in Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Imo and some parts in Abia States with millions of Naira worth of relief materials that gave the people hope and calmness before other organisations started coming in to render their assistance.

Therefore, at this juncture we seize this opportunity to emphatically recognize and commend the laudable magnificent achivements and impact made by the management of Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited Company, PINL, so far in the last six to seven months of this pipeline surveillance contract job, most especially in the area of winning the war against pipeline vandals and Oil thieves in the region, and for closing down most of the dangerous flash points used by these syndicates for illegal Bunkery activities in Bayelsa Rivers, some parts in Abia and that of Imo state, And in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, (CSR), And now crude oil production have seamlessly increased to the volume of 1.6 to 1.7million barrels daily due to the tireless efforts and sacrifice been Contributed by PINL, which is also appreciated and recognized by the Chief Executive Officer NNPC Limited Engr, Mele Kyari.

“It is also on record that the Chief Executive Officer/Corporate Managing Director of PINL, Mr Osahon Okunbo a bonified Niger Deltan, an oil giant, the son of late Captain Hosa Okunbo who is one of the well respected known leaders that immensely contributed to the economic growth, peace stability and Development of the Niger Delta region at all times before his demise, Mr Osahon personally led other top management staff of the company to distribute relief materials worth millions to a billion Naira to victims of 2022 devastating flood, which affected over 300 communities in seven Local Government Areas of Bayelsa State; 200 Communities in four Local Government Areas of Rivers State; and Imo State.

“The relief materials distributed by the PINL management to the over more than 50 communities across the three States of the the company operational areas, that were affected by flood include bags of Rice, thousands of Indomie noodles cartoons, Bags of Garri, bags of Salt, cartoons of Maggi, jerry-cans of vegetable oils, thousands of Mattresses, huge number of treated mosquito nets, footwear, thousands of clothing with drugs and many others.

“Also, hundreds of scholarships were given back to most of these communities that cut across the Trans Niger Pipeline TNP, all these are part of commitments to strengthen Community/Stakeholders engagement in order to maintain and keep a safe healthy and smooth cordial working relationship with Communities and Stakeholders in the region.

Meanwhile, the leadership of Niger Delta Anti-Pipeline/Crude Oil Theft Task Force Group, NDAPOTTTG, specially recognized the role Olu of Warri Kingdom, Ogiame Atuwase the 111, played as being the chairman of the company, for well designed framework articulated strategies by the management of Ocean Marine Solutions Company has set in motion the wheels to drive huge production capacity of oil majors in the Niger Delta region, which has also boost revenue generation for the Federal Government that was earlier sabotaged by evil-minded persons at the detriment of the entire nation”, he said.