Important Announcement: Disregard Purported Meeting At Amnesty (PAP) Office – Akpor


1. The attention of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) has been drawn to a widely circulated message urging ex-agitators whose stipends payments were suspended due to Bank Verification Number (BVN) irregularities, to assemble at the PAP office for a formal meeting.

2. The PAP hereby states that it is not aware of the purported meeting and strongly advice the affected ex-agitators to ignore any such message. In this regard, all concerned ex-agitators are reminded that the PAP is a national security programme and as beneficiaries, they are expected to eschew actions capable of jeopardizing the country’s security. This is the more imperative given the nation’s current political climate.

3. Accordingly, the PAP hereby warns that anyone embarking on such unauthorized disruptive assembly, does so at their own risk and would have themselves to blame if apprehended. As have been stressed through various channels, the situation around the multiple accounts tied to single BVNs borders on financial crimes and matter is currently being investigated by the office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA). Recently, executives of the affected banks were invited by the ONSA to explain their involvement in the matter due to its legal and national security ramifications.

4. The PAP office is awaiting the outcome of this ongoing investigation and would resolve the matter thereafter and on the directives of the NSA.

Freston Akpor
SA Media
For Interim Administrator