The leadership of the Niger Delta Advocate for Peace, Good Governance and Anti Corruption Network, a group under the auspices of Advocates Of Good Governance, has condemned in totality what it termed kangaroo protest at the National Assembly by some set of disgruntled elements of ex militants against the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme ,Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu Rtd in Abuja this week.

According to the group,the protesters under the guise of ex militants are among those currently under serious investigation by the office of the National Security Adviser over their alleged role on the issue of multiple accounts tied to one Bank Verification Number BVN, which is a fraudulent and financial crime which is punishable by law.

The National Coordinator of the Group,General FIAWEI PATHFINDER who conveyed the meeting with the Deputy National Coordinator, Comrade Bekes Apere and National Secretary, Sir AK Peters at an emergency meeting in the the Federal Capital Territory FCT, Abuja frowned at the protesters describing their action as inhuman carlos diminishing and provocative, staged managed and fueled by enemies of the Presidential Amnesty program who are bent on doing anything to frustrate the laudable good work the Interim Administrator, Maj General Barry Tariye Ndiomu is doing in the PAP, they could be referred as enemies to the fragile relative peace enjoyed in the Niger Delta.

“As ex militants leaders,stakeholders and Advocate For Peace, Good Governance and Anti corruption Crusaders who are watchdogs and closely monitors the activities of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, NDDC and other federal Agencies initiated by the federal government in the region, and we cannot fold our hands and allow fraudulent practices that has kept the program to standstill, which is undermining the mandate of the programme as well as keep quiet when supposed beneficiaries are directly involved in an organized fraudulent financial crime of this nature.

The group accused some prominent politicians with corrupt toga, from Bayelsa State as sponsors and brain behind of the protest and series of unfunded false cheap blackmails in a bid to discredit the credible tremendous laudable good works of the PAP Interim Administrator, who had embarked on a journey to respositioned, restructured reorganized sanitized and transformed the programme for effective service delivery noting that their intention was to take over the PAP office in order to syphon funds for their selfish interest and as to enable them fund their governorship ambition now that, the governorship elections of Bayelsa state is around the corner, describing them as unpatriotic wicked,self serving interest.

The group revealed that modalities have been put in place by some prominent politicians from Bayelsa State to blackmail and allege the personality of Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu Rtd and the Presidential Amnesty Programme under his leadership not minding the laudable innovations and transparent reforms been introduced to ensure that beneficiaries could be recruited into the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, Nigerian custom service, Nigeria Civil Defence, the Nigerian Police Force and as well as direct recruitment and employment into the federal civil service. And other numerous benefits to mention has already been put in place by Maj General Barry Tariye Ndiomu Rtd led PAP, are on the way as we speak.

“We join hands with other well meaning Niger Deltans particularly patriotic ex militant leaders to condemn in totality the kangaroo protest and gang up against the PAP Interim Administrator as the region had not witnessed such level of transformation of the amnesty Programme since it was created 13years ago, and we will not allow PAP to derail because of the selfish interest of some misguided elements, and the group angrily warned those who are sending death threat messages to some of the top management staff of the PAP to desist from such criminal act henceforth or else we will be left with no option to declare war against them and join hands with the law enforcement agencies to fish them out from their criminal hideout, been an ex Militant with a pardon dose not give anyone the tenacity and the ordercity to threaten any Nigerian or give room for such criminal act, and if cut the law willo take is position, a word is enough for the wise” .

And it is on record that since Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu Rtd took over the helms of affairs of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, we have seen some reforms that are mind blowing geared towards the betterment of all beneficiaries,we are also glad that a special education trust fund will soon be introduced with the aim of giving a proper attention to our children future in the region as it relates to education which is the foundation to the realization of a meaningful Development in the Niger Delta “.

“Therefore we urge the general public, the presidency and the National Assembly to ignore and disregard the so called neforious staged managed sponsord kangaroo protest by some ex militants,they are disgruntled elements who are involved in multiple accounts tied to one BVN, as a medium used to divert funds, and we wish to reiterate our support for the investigation and throw our full weight, and pledge our unflinching support to the Interim Administrator, Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu Rtd in the PAP “.

“We appeal to all well meaning Niger Deltans and Stakeholders to join hands with the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu Rtd, to take the scheme to an enviable greater height for the benefit of all as Niger Deltans”