Erosion: Declare State Of Emergency On Ogulagha Development, Binebai Tell FG, IOCs, Others 

By Ndu Samuel

A Niger Delta Youth leader, Amb. Comr. Binebai Yerin Princewill, President General of Delta ljaw Comrade Community (DICC) has told the Federal government of Nigeria, Multinational Oil Companies, Delta State Government and other relevant agencies to declare State of emergency on the Development of Ogulagha Community in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

The President of Delta Ijaw Comrade Community (DICC), Amb. Comr. Binebai Yerin Princewill made the call recently in Ogulagha Community during the occasion of the one Year Anniversary/Stewardship report of the Amb. John Bebapere Tuaghaye led administration of Ogulagha Community.

Binebai while reacting to newsmen in an interview with The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide noted that the level of development in Ogulagha Community is not enough considering the oil rich nature of the community.

He particularly called on the Federal government of Nigeria, the Multinational Oil Companies Operating in the area, Delta State Government and other relevant agencies to urgently look into the rapid development of Ogulagha Community, stressing that considering the economic contributions of Ogulagha Community, the ancient community ought to have developed beyond the level it is now.

According to Binebai, he said if Dubai has been seen as a fine and relaxation center to many wealthy Nigerians and have served as a tourist center in the world, Princewill said with the oil wealth in Ogulagha coupled with the natural environment, Ogulagha Community and the entire kingdom ought to be turned to Dubai and other fine places by the Government and the IOCs.

“Ogulagha Community cannot continue to suffer any form of devastation and deprivation while contributing a lot for the economic viability of Nigeria. ”

Princewill continued that while there are many underdevelopmental woes confronting Ogulagha as an oil bearing Community, he said the issues of erosion that is watching away the community must be tamed immediately by constructing shore protection around the Community to prevent gigantic tidal waves from eroding the town.

Speaking further, Princewill asserted that the issue of reclamation is also key to the sustainability of the community, adding that the Federal Government of Nigeria, IOCs and other relevant agencies in Nigeria must not sleep over this call.