IGL Commission, Unveil Ewein Statue, Founding Father Of Ogbe-Ijoh With Celebration

By Binebai Princewill

The Independent Grassroot Liberators (IGL ) yesterday stormed Ogbe-Ijoh community in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State to Commission and unveil the Ewein Statue, founder of Ogbe-Ijoh community.

The trio of Amb. Comr. Mamamu Bene Youkore, President of IGL, Hon. Yerinbowei Felix (Ycom), National Coordinator of IGL and Comr. Smart Okosu, Secretary of IGL had noted that IGL decided to embark on the project in ensuring that Ewein lives on, stressing that they will continue to uphold the good tenets of Ewein.

A statement presented by Mamamu reads below:

I give special recognition and my utmost respect to his royal majesty, king Markson Couple Oromoni Monbene 111, the Pere Amakosu of Ogbe-ijoh Warri Kingdom, I want to specially recognize the chairperson of today’s occasion Hon. Jude Gbaboyor, Dr. Friday Deingha, Traditional Chiefs, Governing Council, Youth Council, Snr. Pst. Moses Couple, Security personnel and all other esteemed dignitaries here present.
All protocols duly observed.
I would like to bid a warm welcome to everyone who out of their busy schedule has deemed it fit to be here for this celebration.
The great Steve Jobs once said and I quote “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you” If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.
The desire for a better and progressive society where the aspirations, dreams and the development of our people becomes the number one priority and for a better inclusiveness in the day to day politics of our community and kingdom, these and other factors birthed the vision of the INDEPENDENT GRASSROOT LIBERATORS (IGL).
The INDEPENDENT GRASSROOT LIBERATORS (IGL) is poised with the mandate to always champion a just course, speak the truth and be the voice to the voiceless. Where we will always stand and act on the core principles of unity, justice, and progress. We envisage a time and a future where development and the dividend of democracy is truly felt at all levels of the grassroot.
The number one aim of IGL is to ensure that true governance is felt at the grassroot by bringing the government close to the people. We state in an emphatic term that IGL is not affiliated to any political party rather it is a movement for the people and by the people.
Today, we are gathered here to witness one of the outstanding impact and project commissioning by IGL. The official unveiling of the statue of EWEIN the founding father of our beloved kingdom.
Permit me to further enlighten you with some other major achievements that has been brought to our community through the advocacy of IGL. As we all know that over the past five years our community has been plunged into perpetual darkness as a result of the lingering crisis. However, even with some major input by our leaders, the light problem was not solved.
IGL took it as a point of obligation and negotiated with candidates who have the interest of the people at heart during the course of the elections. Today we all can attest to the fact that the light problem is a thing of the past and darkness is far from our community.
Not only that, IGL further negotiated with other worthy candidates whom in turn has furnished our community with solar street lights.
The ideology of IGL is based on the credibility and competence of candidates aspiring for public office and not party loyalty or party supreme mentality.
With these few points of reference, we want to assure you that this is only the beginning of IGL. We promise to do everything in our reach to bring about meaningful development to our community and our people at large.
Long live Independent Grassroot Liberators (IGL)!
Long Live Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom!!
Long Live Delta State!!!
Long Live Nigeria!!!!History of Ewein reads below:THE BRIEF ORIGIN OF THE OGBE-IJOH PEOPLE
PRESENTED BY: ___________________________________________
Ipoli the father of Ewein himself and his sons and others left Ekere Quarter of
Oporomor now in Bayelsa State to Oruekeremo now known as Egbemo – Amngalabiri
market in the same Bayelsa State and stayed for a long period of time. After the death of
Ipoli, quarrel arose among themselves due to Antelope soup, which made them to
disperse and founded other settlements as follows: Amabulou now in Bayelsa State,
Buluo – Idoru, Buluo – Ojobo and Ogbe-ijoh in Delta State.
These were the four places made up of the former Western – Ijoh sub-tribe in the
British days. Ewein the founding father of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri left Oruekeremo
accompanied by his nobles and founded Ogbe-Ijoh in this part of the world. Primary
migration from Oporomor and secondary migration from Oruekeremor and finally
Ogbe-Ijoh Warri. There was no surrounding settlement when Ewein founded Ogbe-Ijoh
until the beginning of the 19th century, we recorded above once again, the settlement of
Ogbe-Ijoh was there alone before other tribes and even before the British days of this
part of the world. When the British Government and other tribes have never been here,
Ogbe-Ijoh Warri were living in freedom, traditionally and customarily when the British
Government came we suffered perpetually and mercilessly under the British
Government. The Ogbe-Ijohs were disturbed from freedom of liberty in fact, the life
became terrible, burns Ogbe-Ijoh town, and other obnoxious activities made Ogbe-Ijoh
people to carry British to Sapele and sometimes to Benin and came back through the
same channel to Warri. Ogbe-Ijohs were used by the British officials to Ekeremor down
to Facerdos and back to Ogbe-ijoh, Warri with a leakage ship. When the British official, wanted to travel out, they sent the Ogbe-Ijoh persons to bail out the water from the ship before they could be able to move. After getting to where they went, the ship sank,
they bail the water out before they move again. The ship in “Question” finally sank by
the junction of Burutu river opposite Old Port (N.P.A) in Ogbe-Ijoh Warri, the very ship
could be seen after when the water is subsided in fact they suffers beyond expression.
After Ewein founded this town Ogbe-Ijoh in Warri, he named it Ebi-Ogbo meaning
“Good Land”. Ebi meaning Good, Ogbo meaning Land, thus became good land (Ebi-
Ogbo) in izon Language and manipulatively changed to Ogbe-Ijoh by non-Izon natives.
The term Warri is a general name given to the Town by the British White men.
This settlement was in place before the establishment of the Government of Oil Rivers
Protectorate in 1885, the Government of the Niger Coast Protectorate in 1893, the
Protectorate of the Southern Nigeria in 1900 and the Colony and Protectorate of
Southern Nigeria in 1906.
Long live Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom,
Long live Delta State,
Long live Nigeria.