The Izon Nation, as the owner of oil, that feeds the entire country, has been one of the most backward tribe irrespective of its enormous wealth and resources. In terms of human resources, ironically, we are below expectation compared to other tribes like the Hausas, the Yorubas, and the Igbos.

Our people over the years were tagged as a tribe with no business might and mogul to boast of until Dr Eruani Godbless Azibapu CFR, owner of “Azikel Refinery and Group President” came to the lime light. This illustrious son and philanthropist is one of the fastest rising African business stars of our time and a global player in the business world.

Now the Izon Nation could look back and boast of an entity, and a son to depend on in time of crises. His philanthropic gestures had been displayed on daily basis in time of flood and students empowerment schemes by offering scholarships to thousands of students.

As a people and a tribe we cannot fold our hands and watch unpatriotic youth bodies who think of nothing but their selfish interest to extort money from companies and other operational ventures in the Niger Delta Region. In any case, no matter our individual greed, we must not forget the founding fathers of this great NATION, IZON of the Niger Delta, and the values they eschewed and build upon. We must, in the overall interest of the people should remember that the reason why the noble umbrella body Ijaw National Congress ( INC) was formed is to protect the Izon Nation and her children both in the country NIGERIA and the diaspora against external oppression and attacks.

The same principle is applicable to the Ijaw Youth Council ( IYC). Anything short of protecting the interest of the Izon Nation is at great variance with the founding principle and creed of our fathers, and must be vehemently opposed.

According to rumours, and let it not be true, that some pockets of Ijaw Youths, perhaps pretending to pay deaf ears to the patriotic course rendered by Dr Eruani Azibapu CFR to our people, are secretly planning in the dark to protest against the goodwill tendencies of our own leader and business man in the rare attitude of ingratitude. However, let us be aware that the character and image of Dr. Eruani Godbless is a giant name, whose integrity is in no doubt to the people of Bayelsa, Niger Delta Region and Nigeria and the African continent, and is extremely committed to earn himself a place in the face of history.
It should be reminded that when Dr Eruani commenced the building of Azikel Refinery, the company was not in partnership with any one, and this fact the nay sayers and blackmailers should put into consideration. Rather, this will make Dr Eruani resolute by keeping his head high in being committed to his lofty dream and vision. While the NCDMB admiring his commitment requested to make an minority participatory business investment with his company, it should be futher emphasised that Waltersmith Refinery cannot in anyway be compared to Azikel Refinery, both in cost, capacity and configuration.

While most Bayelsans and Nigerians do not know the differences in these issues, for the sake of educating the general public, Azikel Refinery is an Hydro skimming Refinery, which means, a refinery that produces Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Aviation Fuel and Cooking Gas. However it should be noted that Waltersmith plant is not a full refinery, it is a Topping Plant, and is basically to extract only diesel and the remainder is mixed back with crude oil to sell.

This the nay sayers should compare Apple to Apple and orange to orange. These are major differences just in configuration. Aldo the size of Azikel Refinery is 12,000 Hydro skimming refinery while Waltersmith is 5,000 Toping plant. On cost basis, Azikel Refinery is costing $350,000,000 (USD) while Waltersmith cost $36,000,000. Also for the public information NCDMB made an investment of $20,000,000 in Azikel Refinery through appreciated measures, but that is a figment investment compared the investment of the owner Dr Eruani Azibapu CFR who invested $330,000,000.

The Invesment by Dr. Eruani is huge, however it is not for political agrandissement but a business. The investment of NCDMB does not confer on them an extant gods role or right or representation of Bayelsa People or the Ijaw People. NDCMB is not assisting Azikel Refinery, they are making a participatoty business venture. While NCDMB invested $10,000,000 in Waltersmith Topping plant of $36,000,000, the people should now appreciate the difference in these two refineries. While NCDMB made a business investment to earn profit it should be clear that their investment should not be a disturbing story to be politicized or distracting.

The Azikel Refinery is a business venture whose promoter Dr Eruani is an astute and successful business man. Dr Eruani Azibapu CFR and the Azikel Refinery should be allowed to focus on their business prowess and success. If the nay sayers are overtly concern about the investment of NCDMB the terms of the engagement are on public record; they can ask NCDMB to sell back their shares to the promoter Dr Eruani who is very willing to buy off the shares or any other party. It should be noted that more parties at this time including the NNPC have been indicating interest to buy into Azikel Refinery.

It should be further settled that in Nigeria as at today there are only two Refineries that bring hope of energy and refined product availability and sustainability, these Refineries are Azikel Refinery and Dangote Refinery.

These are private investments and should be allowed to operate their businesses; they are not public or government entities therefore must be allowed to function in their own rights. While Refineries of complex configuration takes time to built, particularly when it also involves the production of petrol, Azikel Refinery is on tract to completion. May God speed up the process and history is there to judge the success story of Dr. Eruani and his professional team of expertise. More grace to the Group President, Azikel Group and its team:

Maxwell Gabriel Morris writes from Yenagoa City, Bayelsa-State, Nigeria🇳🇬