A foremost chief of oil rich Ogulagha Kingdom, political leader, peace ambassador, Apostle of God, The leader of Youbebe Community and CEO Godspenal Int’l Limited, (Amb). Chief, AP. Dr. Godspower Tomone popularly called Godspenal, has penned down a powerful felicitation message to commemorate the 52nd Birth Anniversary of Niger Delta most celebrated Activist, Warlord and Defender High Chief, G.O.C GOVERNMENT OWEIZIDE EKPEMUPOLO aka TOMPOLO, the Odokorikodo 1.

Tomone, while extolling the noble Niger Delta leader and trailblazer, described High Chief G.O.C GOVERNMENT OWEIZIDE EKPEMUPOLO aka TOMPOLO, as The Salvager of the Niger Delta. Tomone made the description on the premise that Tompolo’s impact on the present enviable Status of the Ijaw Nation, defies measurement.

According to the Ogulagha Kingdom Chief and political leader, Ijaw Nation has spread her wings across global boundaries today as a result of Tompolo’s persistency in fierce agitations which gave birth to several forms of restructuring, leading to the liberation of the Ijaws from what could be described as Heartless Marginalisation by the Nigerian government.

Tomone, went further to pour accolades on Tompolo, attributing the recent series of federal appointments as well as state appointments of Ijaw sons and daughters into key positions in government to the widely honoured Freedom Fighter High Chief, General Tompolo. Stressing the enormous impact of Tompolo to the Elevated Status of the Ijaw Nation, Tomone urged Ijaws to be thankful to God Almighty for giving us a refined personality as Tompolo.

Tomone, wished the widely celebrated Niger Delta Salvager High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo a glorious and joyous birthday celebration. He prayed that God Almighty grant Tompolo his heart desires as he sail on in the journey of life. He also called on all Ijaw sons and daughters to constantly support the good intentions of Tompolo for the ijaws. Conclusively, Tomone wished Tompolo longevity of life so that God can continue to use him for greater works for the ijaws.

Below is an excerpt of Tomone’s message.

” As today marks the birth anniversary of a great defender of the Ijaw Nation, a man anointed by God to liberate the Ijaw Nation from the wicked hands of our aggressors, Government’s marginalisation and brutal neo-colonialism perpetrated by the Nigerian Government, High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpomupolo, I wish to express my heart felt joy. The Ijaw nation today has witnessed tremendous breakthroughs in the threshold of leadership both in the Federal and State levels of government in Nigeria as a result of the relentless Struggles of Tompolo. I call him the Salvager of the Niger Delta because his gold plated leadership endowment has benefited the Ijaws and the Niger Delta at large in almost all ramifications of our existence. Tompolo remains a cherishable treasure to the Niger Delta region.

On behalf of myself and my humble family, I wish my brother, leader and benefactor a resounding glorious birthday celebration. May God Almighty continue to give you wisdom and grace for greater accomplishments.

Happy birthday High Chief.
Signed: (Amb.) Chief, AP. Dr. Godspower Tomone.”