July 20, 2024

In life, one would come across people that are behaviourally upright, philanthropically worthwhile and totally selfless when it comes to financial issues. All these afore-mentioned qualities are stocked in high chief Promise Lawuru, the OZIGIZAGA of the universe.

Over the years, LAWURU’S conscious contributions toward the numerous lives of the HAVE-NOT positively & those he has elevated from ground to the top without ethnic colouration or boundaries has remain remarkable & unprecedented.

This few attributes and many more written & unwritten stories about a principle & sacrificial high chief is compelling enough for anyone gifted with the right words to chant his praise’s be it in the media space or any other available space. the old rever him, the youths emulate his simple lifestyle.

The charitable acts of the man referred as the “OTITIBRITY” tied to him as one of the numerous titles befitted for uncommon chiefs like him are like a cold breeze and soothing shadow to the masses under a scorching sun in the desert.

It is unfortunate, most of our leaders are on their mantles because of benefits attached to those positions, away from such speculations, the “WOMEN EXPENSES” has his different root because he can serve any position free of charge so long it will affect positively the interest of the masses.

His dedication to work, donations to orphans and service to humanity would save part of the human race from calamities. if only other’s can emulate this Giants strides to make life a better place to live on..

Ebolo Sam wrote this piece in Bayelsa state after attending the Thanksgiving ceremony of a little girl who finds favor in the sight of God & man on the 23th, April, 2023.