May 2, 2023

Press Release


The leadership of Ijaw youth Council (IYC) Ogbe-Ijoh Warri kingdom write to inform the general public and the Delta State Governor Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa that the leadership of Aladja community, through their son Jite Brown who failed his house of assembly election during the last election has concluded plans to attack Ogbe-Ijoh Community, which is the headquarters of Warri South West
It has come to our notice that the people of Aladja community has dogged the only access major road leading to Ogbe-Ijoh, so as to prevent the military and other passbys to access Ogbe-Ijoh community when there is any attack from Aladja.
It on note that the Aladja community has toll gate at the extreme end of Aladja community leading to Ogbe-Ijoh for easy access to attack the innocent people of Ogbe-Ijoh, and they have concluded plans to destroy the buildings on Ogbe-Ijoh GRA which they always do over time, Unnecessary and senseless firing of guns at their convenient time, causing of havoc on Aladja Ogbe-Ijoh road, And the threat of live of innocent road users
As a peace loving people, we call on the entire Urhobo nation to note that Ogbe-Ijoh Warri kingdom voted massively for their son. Rt Hon Sheriff Oborowehre of the PDP, despite Okowa’s inability to settle Aladja and Ogbe-Ijoh crisis for the past seven years, the Aladja people deliberately wants to bring disunity among the Ijaws and the Urhobo’s
We call on Rt Hon Sheriff Oborowehre to take note of this, as he will be the Governor of the state in less than 26 days. to call on the Executive governor of Delta State, Senator Arthur Okowa on the deviance of Jite Brown chairman Udu Local government council who claimed to be the adopted son of the out going Governor, Senator Okowa to stop his plan last attack as he promised.
The Urhobo nation should be aware and hold Jite Brown responsible for break down of law and order of this two communities, and that Ogbe-Ijoh community do not have any fight with the entire Urhobo nation, it is Jite Brown who is using the council money meant to develop Udu local government to buy arms and animations for people of Aladja to be attacking Ogbe-Ijoh over time.
For the past one week the Aladja people have been coming to Ogbe-Ijoh end to shooting indiscriminately at Ogbe-Ijoh as at their will, which the DSS, the Nigeria army, the police and other security agencies is aware of.
To this end Governor Okowa should call on his adopted political son Jite Brown to order.
Signd for: Ijaw Youth Council (IYC)
Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom.
Amb. Victor E. Akemotubo