July 20, 2024
The Deputy Governor of Delta State, H.E. Deacon Kingsley B. Otuaro, Esq., expressed his gratitude towards his dedicated staff by gifting them with cars and cash during a memorable party held on May 18th, 2023, to mark the end of his tenure.

The event took place at the deputy governor’s official residence by the poolside and brought together esteemed members of his staff who played a vital role in achieving transformative governance in the state over the past eight years.

Addressing the gathering, Deputy Governor Otuaro sincerely thanked his staff, acknowledging their unwavering support as the backbone of his tenure. From cooks and stewards to office staff, drivers, security personnel, and political aides, all were commended for their relentless efforts behind the scenes in driving positive change. Deputy Governor Otuaro took the opportunity to reflect fondly on the shared journey of governance and emphasized the invaluable contributions made by each team member.

Recognizing the pivotal role his staff played in shaping the state’s trajectory, Deputy Governor Otuaro highlighted their unwavering commitment and selflessness in striving for a greater purpose. He expressed heartfelt appreciation for their dedication and extended his well wishes for their continued success under the incoming deputy governor. Encouraging unity among civil servants, he called for collective efforts to work towards a brighter future for Delta State.

The car gifts and cash presented by the deputy governor served as tangible tokens of gratitude for the staff’s unwavering support and dedication throughout his tenure. This generous gesture showcases Deputy Governor Otuaro’s commitment to recognizing the hard work and invaluable contributions of his team, fostering an atmosphere of appreciation and motivation within the office.

As Deputy Governor Otuaro’s tenure draws to a close, his legacy of transformative governance and appreciation for his staff will serve as an inspiration to future leaders and civil servants. The event serves as a reminder of the significance of acknowledging and valuing the tireless efforts of those working behind the scenes to bring about positive change.