IYC Clan Chairmen Forum Worldwide Congratulates ELECO On Unity, Begs For Consideration Of Women 

We, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) under the auspices of Clan Chairmen Forum Worldwide comprising of Central, Eastern and Western flanks respectively, wish to congratulate members of the 2023 National Electoral umpire.

Again, we sincerely appreciate your untiring spirit of oneness despite the challenges facing Council. We believe that no General has ever conquered his foes especially when his lieutenants are in disarray, hence we must begin to make conscious efforts in subduing our oppressors, overwhelmingly.

However, we write to seek for your considerations as it regards the office of the IYC National Women leader and any other offices that the female folks may indicate interest to contest in the forthcoming National elective convention.

Successive Electoral Colleges of our very revered Council, have in the past considered the sales of nomination form for the office of Woman Leader, free and had equally slashed the cost of forms by 50 percent for the female genders contesting any National offices. Oftentimes, it’s the past that gives a concise picture of the future.

It’s on record that our beloved sisters from the Central and Western flanks had enjoyed same privileges, and its in view of the aforesaid and the current challenges of economic meltdown, we are appealing passionately that;

1. To encourage women’s participation in council and to trigger Gender equality inline with global practice as it interdem with United Nation’s policy which Nigeria as a member country, signed and ratified the various relevant International treaties and conventions without reservation;

You Revisit your prize list for various offices and make the nomination form for the office of Women Leader, FREE.

2. Make 50 percent reduction in the sales of form for the female folks apart from the constitutionally approved office, I.e Woman leader.

3. Dear leaders, you’ve been saddled with the sole responsibility to propose an electioneering process that will usher in credible and competent persons with the requisite character to defend our common interest, salvage our image and restore our lost glory.

Thanks in anticipation.

Yours in the struggle,

Comrade Alla Teide
Chairman, IYC Clan Chairmen Forum
Central Zone.

Comrade Edward Asikitams
Chairman, IYC Clan Chairmen Forum
Eastern Zone.

Comrade Ebolo Sam
Chairman, IYC Clan Chairmen Forum
Western Zone


IYC 2023 Electoral Committee.
8th NEC
5th Parliament
Zonal Chairmen and Chapters.