Abuja/Northern IYC Chapter Is Intact, Ignore Those Misguided Elements – Chairman Marbo



The 4th Leadership of the Ijaw Youth Council Abuja chapter ably chaired by Comrade Adam Ogomugo Marbo is committed to the growth and unity of the Ijaw Youth Council IYC Abuja/ Northern Nigeria Chapter.
The 4th Leadership of the Ijaw Youth Council IYC Abuja/Northern Nigeria Chapter will not be distracted in the pursuit for the wellbeing of all Council members in Abuja and will continuously give its support to the leadership of Sir Lokpobiri Jonathan Snr the 9th President of the Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide.
The Attention of the 4th Leadership of the Ijaw Youth Council Abuja Chapter has been drawn to some unscrupulous elements who organize a purported meeting or congress with our inactive Mobilization Officer of the Ijaw Youth Council Abuja Chapter one Comrade Micah Amaduobogha from the Western Zone who does not know what is happening in council for the past years only to be used as a tool to cause disunity in Council.
The purported congress as you can see was done in someone’s sitting parlour against the earlier publication of the Yesime events centre Gwagwalada were they intended having the purported congress as we have earlier told the general public to jettison such publications as its not-coming from the the leadership of Council.
In as much as we preach peace and unity amongst ourselves, it shouldn’t be a sign of weakness as the 4th Leadership of the Chapter and it’s members will not seat and watch some disgruntle elements destroy our collective efforts towards building a united Ijaw Nation and IYC in the Federal Capital Territory and it’s environment.
We are warning our brothers and sisters who have been used to cause division into Council activities in Abuja to stop this abnormal behaviour fourth with otherwise in the coming days it will not be business as usual as far as the 4th Leadership of the Council Abuja Chapter Cum Northern Nigeria is concerned.
Hence, we’re calling on members of council and friends of the persons trying to cause disunity where there is non in Abuja as a chapter in order to avoid breakdown of law and other unforseen events in the FCT moving forward.
The only president in Ijaw Youth Council is Sir Jonathan Lokpobiri Snr as elected on the 22nd of July, 2023, in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital and the Jerusalem City of Ijaw Nation.
The 4th leadership will continue to support the National President Sir Jonathan Lokpobiri Snr in all ramifications.
Let it be known that Peace is Priceless and Terror is Senseless, hence let’s give peace a chance and move ijaw Nation forward against our individual interest.
Comrade Adam Ogomugo Marbo
IYC Abuja Chapter
Comrade Churchill Oyinkeditonmi
IYC Abuja Chapter
Comrade Gifted Ibiambo
Information Officer
IYC Abuja Chapter