A former spokesman of the revered ijaw youth council Bar JP Owoupele, has responded to the arewa youth group who has asked President Tinubu not to renew the surveillance contract of Tantita security company . The youth group had in two separate positions posited vehemently that President Tinubu should not renew the contract of Tantita , a private security company owned by known leader of the ijaw Nation , Chief Government Ekpoemupolo, aka Tompolo.

In an interview granted to the liberator online news, the respected former spokesman posited that the group is only a hired hand speaking the mind of a few people who are unhappy with the drastic success recorded by the private company, a feat that is unprecedented. He further argued that most of the bunkering and illegal operations in oil theft are rooted in the north. Their fear is that the emergence of Tantita has put a stop to these illicit trades that has kept the Nation in a dilemma. But given the dexterity and the diligence of Tantita, their operations are being winded up and this has put them in a most uncomfortable and unprofitable position . This is the core reason why they have resorted to many attempts to tarnish the reputation of a company that has shown an uncommon competence in managing oil theft to the admiration of both the NNPC and Nigerians .

Nigerians will recall that this trend has become fashionable in recent times despite the openly known successes of Tantita. We have observed the pattern, the wiser conspiracies but we trust that the President is fully briefed and has the best of the Nations interest and will not respond nor give a listening ear to such wicked attempts to put a clog in the wheel of progress in oil theft and illicit bunkering.

We dare them to dispute the gains of Tantita. We further warn them to respect our leader and the sacrifices he has made for this Nation.

Our people have condoned many unethical and uninspiring actions of this Nation, we have continued to keep this Nation United in the face of many painful and unethical actions against our people and environment . Therefore, as a people we will not tolerate such affront on our leader and his continued patriotic zeal and actions to keep this Nation stable and economically viable .
Whether they hide themselves under the aegis of Arewa youths or northern youths coalition , we are conversant with this rhetorics and will not be moved by such daylight conspiracies.

It is sad and most ungrateful of them to spew such positions in the face of conmunal and individual exploration and exploitation of the Gold and other resources in zamfara without any revenue accruing to the federal coffers .
Our position remains constant and undisputed, Tantita security company has demonstrated capability capacity and a strong affinity for maximum delivery in her mandate . In our view the contract should not only be rewarded but the scope be expanded given his phenomenal success in relation to others .

We call on the leaders of the northern youths to call her youths to tow the path of reason and not become instrumentals of disunity and chaos . Our leaders and people have demonstrated enough patience and understanding to keep this Nation united in the face of severe and unending pains and exploitations. We may have reached our elastic limits he warned .

We again warn that if this trend continues unabated , this may further complicate the fragile security in the region especially given the fact that we have been short changed for too long . Our Leaders and leadership must not take our willingness to support and remain patriotic for granted . We expect a commiserate response in allowing our people to partake in the economy of the oil resources found and exploited in our land .