By Rejoice Egbaseimokumor

A group operating under the auspices of Egbesu Brotherhood has added its voice to that of others in calling for the urgent removal of Gen. Barry Ndiomu (Rtd), Interim Administrator, Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).

This was contained in a statement personally signed by Apostle Bodmas Kemepadei, Chief Superintending officer, Egbesu Brotherhood, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide yesterday.

The statement reads below:

Following an assessment of various activities in the Niger Delta, the Sacred Order of Egbesu Brotherhood has emerged to emphasize the importance of the President fulfilling his campaign commitments. They particularly highlight the need for overhauling government intervention agencies, parastatals, and departments tasked with fostering development and peace in the region.

Expressing discontent with the prolonged neglect of pressing issues crucial for sustaining peace and development in the region, the Brotherhood is pleased with the screening and inauguration of the NDDC board. However, they express surprise at the government’s encountered obstacles in providing funding.

The Brotherhood notes the Presidential Amnesty program’s positive impact on peace and development since 2009. However, they express concern about the Presidency’s silence under President Tinubu’s watch. They question the alleged diversion of earmarked funds by Gen Barry Ndiomu (Rtd.) for reintegration, suggesting it may have been redirected for personal loans and grants to associates.The Brotherhood questions the Presidency’s silence in the face of counter-allegations and protest threats from ex-agitators, suggesting it may tarnish the administration’s early days. They also draw attention to concerns about interim appointments, questioning if the Niger Delta is becoming synonymous with such appointments, as observed in Buhari’s administration.

The Brotherhood expresses growing belief in rumors among Niger Delta youths about Ndiomu’s alleged manipulative tactics to retain power, citing his confident assertions that no one can remove him from office. They deem him the worst PAP boss in the program’s history and declare support for any planned protest to shut down Abuja. Their stance is clear: they seek Ndiomu’s removal from office and the appointment of a qualified individual with roots in the struggle for genuine representation.

The current peace in the region has led to a significant increase in crude oil production in Nigeria. This serves as a clear call for the president to address corruption within the Presidential Amnesty program. The plea is to prioritize the reintegration of disillusioned youths, aiming to prevent a resurgence of unrest. Over 90% of Amnesty beneficiaries are reportedly dissatisfied with the program’s status or weary of past governments’ deceptive approaches to their reintegration into society.

Signed- Apostle Bodmas Kemepadei, Chief Superintending officer, Egbesu Brotherhood