Agbonu! Agbonu!! Agbonu!!!
Amanimi Benanimi Festival is here again.
Programme of the event is scheduled as follows:
Day 1: 24th December Orsubou Ogelle 6am till 11am
(b) Novelty football match between Ogulagha vs Burutu
Time: 4pm
Day 2: 25th December, Beach party, Venue Youbebe community, music to be performed by Prince Abraham aka Isaba Abraham with Top choice DJs and many more side attractions.
Day 3: 26th December the main day. Activities are:
a. Morning 6am to 9am morning masquerade display
b. Traditional Egene Dance 9am to 10am
c. Ogulagha community Cultural Dance Group. 10am to 11:30am.
d. Afternoon masquerade display 12noon to 1:30pm
d. Announcements of invited guests. 1:30 to 2pm
e. Obetebe/Isaba Cultural dance 2pm to 3pm
f. Egbelegbele dance group from Bayelsa State 3p to 4pm
g. Olotu’s wrestling 4pm to 6pm
h. Evening masquerade display 6pm to 7pm.
Music performing arts Jk Alfred Ezonebi takes over the Stage till Down.
You are all invited.
1.Chief, Peter Tuasine Chairman.
2. Hon, Timi Akuna Secretary.
3. Chief Godspower Tomone PRO (chairman publicity Committee) Announcer.
Amanimi Benanimi Social Club members are:
1.Chief, Peter Tuasine Chairman(chairman cultural committee)
2. Hon,Timi Akuna Secretary(secretary cultural committee)
3. Chief, Godspower Tomone PRO ( chairman publicity Committee)
4. Chief, Francis Boumiebi Asst Sec (chairman Logistics Committee)
5. Chief Samuel Timiyan Fin Sec ( chairman Organising committee)
6. Capt, Letthemsay Inaibagha Braboke Treasurer(chairman entertainment committee
7. Capt, Alex Yelemu Provost( secretary organising committee)
8. Capt Amos I Seimode Member (chairman Accommodation committee)
9. Capt, Wilson Aranta Member(Secretary entertainment committee)
10. Decn, Akpos B. Seimode Member.(secretary Logistics Committee)