We write to celebrate our mentor, a great youth leader of our time and peace ambassador, Aken E. Edwin.

We have seen his personal life style, Religious believe and his active involvement, social and communal life, political strides, his communication and self expressional ability, his fearless heart to defend and protect the people and territories, his understanding in handling issues and sense of Judgement.

We want to state that, Ambassador Aken is a youth leader who has caught the attention of youths in Warri South West Local government area and we enjoy working with him.

We will not forget to tell how he has touched so many lives mentally, materially, financially and socially through his talent, intellectual vibes, çreative ideas, wealth of knowledge, wise councils and pure friendship.
He is selfless and have built a character of inclusiveness among youths, he don’t segregate people but has a large heart to accommodate and manage the people together ( bad and good, enemies and friends, backbiters and praise singers ) to achieve the common goal.

Aken Edwin successfully manage hundreds and thousands of youths in Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom and beyond, His association with people in the globe and desire to make impact, solve problems and his dreams of building a better world can not be over emphasized.

His patience, bravery to air his views, contentment, humility, calmness, wisdom and obidience to authorities is one amazing value we still find difficult to comprehend.

Aken’s engagement to followers before, during and after elections is so satisfying that we always wish to work with him even as we know he didn’t have the desired financial capacity to offer us but we believe in his intellectual capacity, his agility, focus, faith, strength, resilience, listening ear, care for humanity and hope for progress.

A time spent with Amb. Aken to engage him on matters affecting our region will definitely convince one of his compassion and concern to bring peace among people and his great understanding about the dynamics of the geographical locations.

On this wonderful season of his, we want to wish him more grace and strength to go higher and conquer many lands, we pray that God almighty enable him to fulfill his dream of becoming the local government chairman and also plead with all youths and leaders of warri south west and delta state at large to support the choice of the youths, he’s a young man with great vision and he will make us proud if given this opportunity.

Once more, Happy birthday our principal.

Thanks For: Amb. Aken media team.
Tare Raphael Agbobulaemi.
Denyefa mercy Yola.