OML 42: Community Tackles Ernest Obijiesi, Wants CAC To Revoke Jones Creek Hydrocarbon Company

By Rejoice Egbaseimokumor

A prominent leader in Jones Creek, Oml 42 in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, Chief Prosper Ebidowei has called on the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) to revoke the Jones Creek Hydrocarbon Company from Dr. Ernest Obijiesi and his family.

The call for the revocation was made via a statement he personally signed in Warri yesterday, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide.

Chief Ebidowei noted that the call for the revocation of the Jones Creek Hydrocarbon Company have become necessary as the Company’s name is the ancestral name and land of his forefathers, stressing that a complete stranger who is not from Jones Creek cannot be allowed to continue to use such name to run his business to further undermine and impoverish the people.

According to him, Dr. Ernest Obijiesi is using his group of companies to suffocate host communities indegenes in Oml 42, stressing that the level of subjecting the people to be eating crumbs has reached a boiling point.

Chief Ebidowei said in the coming days, the leadership of Jones Creek will be writing formally to the CAC with a view of withdrawing the CAC certificate from Dr. Ernest Obijiesi and his family, stressing that they don’t have the right to operate the company with Jones Creek, their ancestral name attached to the company when those operating the company are complete strangers.

The statement continued that Host Communities and her people in OML 42 are suffering mercilessly under the watch of Ernest Obijiesi and his group of companies, adding that enough is enough.