Abatement Notice: KFT Replies Sylvester Oromoni, Demands Apology Within 24 Hours 

By Binebai Princewill 

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD ) of KFT Uduboh Nigeria Limited, High Chief Ekomieyefa Uduboh, the Mienkirigbolomowei of Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State has replied Evangelist Sylvester Oromoni, Chairman of the Delta State Task Force on Environment on its 72hours abatement notice served to KFT place. 

Chief Ekomieyefa had in a rejoinder made available to newsmen in Warri yesterday, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide had demanded an apology from the Delta State Task Force on Environment Chairman, Evangelist Sylvester Oromoni or else be ready to face legal battle with his management. 

Ekomieyefa did not only rubbished the claims of Oromoni but had also challenged him to be factual in his reportage when purportedly serving abatement notice to people, describing the entire act as another failed attempt to smear his rising business profile and reputation. 

The rejoinder reads in full below:



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My attention has been drawn by friends, customers, business allies and family members to a poorly written report published on a strange medium on the 5th day of June, 2021 via Facebook and other social media platforms to  the effect that an abatement notice has been served on KFT Place by the Delta State Task Force on Environment under the leadership of one Sylvester Oromoni. The said report is targeted at defaming my person as well as my business and it is clear that same was instigated by the said Sylvester Oromoni.

Ordinarily, I would not have responded to such frivolous, mischievous, unfounded, pointless and baseless publications which are aimed at smearing, demeaning and defaming my reputation and business successes over the years but to set the records straight and for the sake of public sensitization I deem it fit to refute the said report and state as follows:

  1. The said notice highlighted “Trading /Display of articles for sale or to store on the highway, walkway, drains, roadside” as the alleged nuisance for which the abatement notice was issued. This is largely misconceived and misdirected as KFT Place is neither a trade centre nor a shopping mall where articles for sale are displayed or stored. KFT Place is a world class event and hospitality centre with the most environmental friendly hospitality facilities. Even as the largest event centre in Delta State and the Niger Delta at large, there has been no report from neighbours and residents from adjoining land relating to noise or environmental pollution contrary to the facts stated in the publication under reference. The management of KFT Place has always been mindful of environmental factors in its operations. I challenge Sylvester Oromoni to provide proof of display of any article belonging to KFT Place on a government highway, walkway, drain or roadside. For the purpose emphasis, I herein attach pictures of the highway to show to the public the lies, falsehood and faceless facts encapsulated in the said report instigated by Sylvester Oromoni in a bid to tarnish my business goodwill
  2. The said notice contained indiscriminate parking of vehicles as another factor for issuing the malicious abatement notice. It is on record that KFT Place is the event centre with the largest parking space in Delta State. The premises consists of two parking spaces, one right in front of the event centre and the second besides the event centre. The second parking space consists of a property measuring 3 hectares of land with wide entrance and exit points particularly designed for the parking of vehicles. The second parking space mentioned above has a capacity of containing over 1000 vehicles. There has never been a time when the major road has been obstructed as a result of any event held at KFT Place. As a proof, I attach pictures of the 2 parking spaces and challenge Sylvester Oromoni to provide specific details by way of credible evidence as to when the highway or walkway belonging to the state government was obstructed as a result of any activity being carried on at KFT Place. It is also imperative to state that the state government or its regulatory agencies have never served KFT Event centre any notice for want of indiscriminate parking of vehicles 
  3. It is on record that KFT Place acknowledges the highest regard and observance of hygiene, safety and health standards. There are over 50 workers in the cleaning department of KFT Place with standby cleaning services working round the clock. KFT Place has over the years engaged professional waste disposing firms in managing and disposing waste within and around the premises of the event centre. For the sake of clarity KFT Place engages Diamond Environmental Services which is one of the State Accredited Waste Disposal Firms in managing the waste disposal activities across the state. Never has there been a report of waste nuisance disturbing the quiet and peaceful possession of residents in the neighbourhood. It is mischievous for the malicious reporter to attach pictures of premises not belonging to KFT Place to state facts relating to the issues stated above in a bid to dent the excellent image of KFT Place.
  4. As a law abiding citizen with great passion for societal development I have over the years contributed to the social and infrastructural development of Delta State. I have on several occasions solely taken responsibility for the rehabilitation of the Ekpan Link Road which leads to the KFT Event centre. I have never demanded reimbursements from the Delta State government which is statutorily entrusted with the duty of constructing and maintaining State roads. I have never evaded my tax paying responsibilities but have further assisted the State Government (Sylvester Oromoni’s employers) in discharging their duties of Road maintenance. The cleaning staff of KFT Uduboh Nig. Ltd has been carrying out the clearing of weeds along the Ekpan Link road over the years. Amidst these, I have never craved for appreciation or commendation from the government at any level as I have taken it as my selfless contribution to the enhancement and development of the environment that Sylvester Oromoni feigns to protect. 
  5. It is not in doubt that the Ekpan Link road leading to KFT Event centre was previously prone to security challenges such as armed robbery, kidnapping, snatching of vehicles etc. As a Businessman with great concern for the safety of lives, property and humanity at large, I installed street lights along the street and have powered same with my generating plant at my sole expense till date. I also worked assiduously to ensure that there is a military station along the road to curb the menace of criminality along the Ekpan Link Road.
  6. It is absurd and ridiculous that the said Delta State Task Force on Environment under the steer of Sylvester Oromoni issued the said abatement notice without first inspecting the facilities within the premises of KFT Place as statutorily required. The entire narrative is but a display of a script actuated by malice, hatred, bitterness and a figment of his imagination centred on defaming my person as the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of KFT Uduboh Nig. Ltd. I consider the act of Sylverster Oromoni as a cheap blackmail hiding under the cloak of Delta State Task Force on Environment targeted at misleading and misdirecting the public.
  7. I hereby direct the Delta State Task Force on Environment and particularly Sylvester Oromoni to immediately withdraw the purported notice and tender an unreserved public apology to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer and the entire management of KFT Uduboh Nig. Ltd within 24 hours of the publication of this statement, the failure of which I shall be constrained to activate legal machinery against the Task Force.
  8. I also direct Mr. Oyinbi Onduku the publisher of Niger Delta Miror newspaper to retract his defaming report and tender a public apology within 24 hours of the publication of this statement the failure of which I shall seek legal redress in a court of competent jurisdiction.
  9. I on behalf of KFT Uduboh Nig Ltd assure the general public of our best services and warm regards.


Chief Ekomieyefa Uduboh

The Mienkirigbolomowei of Gbaramatu Kingdom

MD/CEO, KFT Uduboh Nig. Ltd.

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