About Us


The Liberator Publishing House Nigeria Limited, publishers of The Liberator Newspaper, is a Nigerian media organisation based in the heart of Niger Delta Region, Warri Delta State with a branch office at Burutu, Headquarter of Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State with a vision to help defend, strengthen and consolidate on the underlying principles of Nigeria’s democracy, promote egalitarianism in the Nigerian State, advance the socio-economic wellbeing and rights of the people, promote and enrich their cultural heritage, a critical look into the minority condition in the Nigerian State, advocate for good governance, transparency and human rights, in line with the values expected of a democratic state such as ours.
The founder of the organisation believe that the media often described as the fourth estate of the realm can play a very key role in stabilizing and contributing meaningfully to the Nigerian democracy, the media truly matter in large measure. It can help forge new communities, pursue political and social agenda in support of a better society, and help build visions of hope and resistance. Sadly the media can also lead in negative directions: dividing people and truncating hope and vision. In our country, the media have played both roles at different times in our history, hence the rason de ectre why Mohatma Ghandi of Indian described the media as a double edged sword as playing both positive and negative roles in the society.
The Liberator Newspaper, formerly established on May 2017 with the launch of its Website into the cyber space though was prior before now have been existing on Facebook as a page and group since 2014 believes that the time has come for Nigeria to embrace the challenge of progress and development in a substantial concrete sense, pursuing development in a more aggressive manner, a development that should be decentralized with riverine communities transforming into cities and hosting credible institutions.
Liberator NewsThe Liberator Newspaper had played host to officials of the European Union, EOM dispatched to observe the Nigerian 2019 general elections. Officials of the EU team that visited the young publisher, Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill in Warri at his office by the famous PTI Junction, Efferun in Uvwie Local Government Area, Delta State include Mr. Eckart Rodah, Mrs Martina Gious as well as Mr. Emmanuel Orji, assistant to the EU on election. The EU visited the founder of the Liberator Newspaper on the 7/02/2019.
However, we pledge total commitment to contribute our best, inline with the guiding principles of the journalistic profession to journalistically display and demonstrate to our dear country the type of media that will advocate for the people of our nation on the path of development and social reconstruction and engineering.
The core purpose of The Liberator is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high quality news and information. Producing content of the highest quality and integrity is the basis for our reputation and the means by which we fulfill the public trust and our audience expectations.
We will publish across all formats beginning with this our online platform where we hope to appeal to our audience; young and middle class elites with a vision of the future and a belief in social change as we have also come to promote and propagate the sword of journalism in our country.

Proprietor OF The Liberator

Princewill BinebaiThe Liberator Newspaper was founded by a young Nigerian, Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill who is from the South South region of the Country otherwise known as The Niger Delta.
He is the Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of the Newspaper, the young proprietor is of the Ijaw extraction who hails from Ofougbene, the ancestral home of Burutu Community, the headquarter of Burutu Local Government Area in Iduwini Kingdom, Delta State, his bloodline also cuts across Odimodi, Aghoro, Okpokunu, Gbekebo, Obotebe, Ayakoromo, Ogbe-Ijoh etc.He is both from Delta and Bayelsa states.
Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill is a Journalist that have prior to now worked with other papers in the region which includes The Light Newspaper in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State in 2012, he has also supervised the editorial contents of some other magazines like the Burutu Community Youth Forum Magazine in 2012, Achievers Magazine; a campus based magazine in Delsu 2010 and Ijaw Campus Voices back then in the Delta State University, Abraka in 2011; Binebai has also worked briefly with other Newspapers in Nigeria. He has been a social media practitioner. He holds a B. SC degree in Mass Communication from the prestigious Delta State owned University, Abraka in 2014.
Obviously influenced by the deplorable state of his environment, the young proprietor have since in his University days in 2009 vowed to establish what is today known as The Liberator Newspaper to champion the course for good governance, accountability, transparency with a view of liberating the people especially the riverine communities in the Niger Delta by advancing the speaking space of his people.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of the media and communication to help liberate the people with truthful, useful, objective and timely reports of events that would help improve the lots of the citizenry by promoting and defending the core values of the Nigerian Democracy and advocate for good governance by bridging the gap between the people and the government, their rights. We will continue to keep sharp focus on these goals, principles and values with commitments to achieving them in our practice of journalism.

Our Values

Objectivity Fairness
Balanced reportage
Public interest
Special interest on the minority condition in the Nigerian State, the Niger Delta example