By Ndu Samuel

As the call for the sack of coordinator of Presidential amnesty programme Prof. Charles Dokubo continues to gather momentum, more groups are lending their voice to the growing call.

The Concerned Ijaw Advocates under the leadership of Tamarapreye Ogbeghan has renewed calls for the immediate replacement of Prof. Dokubo in the amnesty office.

They noted that with the level of incompetence and lack of understanding of the challenges of the Niger Delta region, coupled with his abysmal failure in dealing with issues regarding ex agitators, he deserved to the sacked.

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The group advocates for a dedicated Deltan of Ijaw extraction who has proper understanding of the terrain and possesses indepth knowledge of the peculiarities of challenges of the Niger Delta region to replace Dokubo.

The group also noted that such a person must be passionate about the political, economic and social development of the region with an intent to serve for the common good of all.

They however implore all Deltans to support only candidates from the thick mangrove swampy region for the position while emphasising that ” only an individual with qualitative and capable hand can effect development and sustain the people of Niger Delta region should be considered for the appointment”.

”It is time Prof Dokubo must evict the office for a purposeful leadership ” They insisted.

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