Amnesty: More trouble as Leslie confesses in new voice note implicating Bribena 

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Pst. Miebi Bribena
As the media fiasco continues, there seems to be more trouble for Pst. Miebi Bribena as Mr. Leslie Biegbudu confesses to Mr. Udengs Ebizimor in one of the latest voice note on how they planned to blackmail officials in the amnesty office.
This was made known to newsmen in Yenegoa yesterday via a voice note, a copy of which was forwarded to The Liberator Newspaper by Mr. Jude Gbaboyor, a victim of blackmail in the amnesty office.
The voice note confession began with Mr. Leslie pleading with Udengs to beg his elder brother Mr. Romeo Ebizimor to forgive him for joining Pst. Bribena to blackmail him and others.
Mr. Leslie had boasted in the voice note that he would not had sold Mr. Romeo out by blackmailing him considering their close afinity, stressing that it was a plan between him and Pst. Bribena, adding that if not for the pressure of Bribena, he would not have blackmailed the officials.
He had however regretted that he never knew that Miebi Bribena would record whatever conversation they had and would be published in the public domain.
However, Biegbudu had argued that Miebi doctored and manipulated their conversation in such a way that what he (Bribena) said was not properlly contained in the voice note exept his own side which is to his disadvantage.
The conversation between Biegbudu and Udengs read in part bellow:
Leslie: Hello Odens!
Odens: yes?
Leslie: na Presley de talk
Odens: yes I know say na you de talk, I get your number na!
Leslie: help me beg Romeo o!
Odens: ehn?
Leslie: Help me beg Romeo!
Odens: Me sef, I de vex for u o!
Leslie: I know, I know, I know, the man set me up!
Odens: the man set u up!
Leslie: him never play the other one, he go edit the thing de play o! If u see wetin this man tell me, tell me, tell me, before the call kon cut, I kon call am back; u no go believe o!
Odens: Okey?
Leslie: All this thing, na plans weh him plan with me o, I no know say, him won record am to take do this kind thing o! If not, na me go go sell Romeo out?
Odens: Okey?
Leslie: Na me go go sell Romeo out?
Odens: Okey?
Leslie: Now, him de deny say, na hack dem hack him phone. I say OK; dem hack your phone but, why dem no hack all our conversation?
Odens: Okey? So now, I never really understand!
Leslie: I don run out of credit
Odens: ok, no problem!
Leslie: when I recharge, I go call you!
Odens: no problem.
Meanwhile, Mr. Jude Gbaboyor had enjoined the general public, particularly the Ijaws to be careful with Pst. Miebi Bribena, stressing that a word is enough for the wise.
Nevertheless, Gbaboyor had noted that no amount of blackmail meted out on the amnesty boss, Prof. Charles Dokubo and his officials would make him loose focus, stressing that his boss is determined to leave behind lasting legacies.

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