Appoint next amnesty boss from Delta Ijaw, group begs Buhari

Ndu Samuel

An appeal has gone to President Mohammadu Buhari to consider appointing the next coordinator of Presidential Amnesty Programme from among party faithfuls of Ijaw extraction in Delta State.

Members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) grassroot youths made the plea through an open letter signed by Comr. Ekabukumor Oromoni and Thompson Bonge, chairman and spokesperson of the group a copy of which was obtained by The Liberator.

The group noted that APC faithfuls of Ijaw extraction in Delta state were not fairly treated in the first tenure of President Buhari in terms of appointment and that now is the time to correct the anomalies

Calling on the President to do the needful to ensure that the marginalisation being suffered by the people is stopped, the group said it will be self deceiving not to speak up when it matters most , they therefore appealed passionately to the president to pick the next amnesty office boss from Delta Ijaw land.

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”Sir, as we graciously embarked on this (NEXT LEVEL AGENDA) it is called for that, we use this privilege to stipulate the clarion call of the delta Ijaw APC from the wilderness. Be that as it may, it will be worst than deception if we continued to abide sycophantically and lingered to lip seal our mouth in this burning plight of marginalization ”

”Your Excellency Sir, there is no doubt that, you’re now giving out lucrative appointments on this new dispensation of (NEXT LEVEL AGENDA) even as we are humbly optimistic that we will be carried along in this dispensation but with a critical perusal of the appointments been emerged in delta state we are left with worries that, delta Ijaw APC are still in a margin to get an appointment” .

”However, our quest is that, even as we stay doomed with no clue of which state or ethnic the next amnesty chairman will be picked from, we want to appeal that, his excellency should please endeavor to give heed to our cry and deemed it fit to rewrite the narratives of the plight of delta Ijaw APC with the amnesty board. ”

”Having said this, permit us to furthermore crave your indulgence that, since the inception of the amnesty board from 2009 till today the office of the chairman has never been zoned to delta state. As such, we want to appeal that, his excellency should please consider a delta Ijaw man with the office of the chairman when next the board is reconstituted ” .

According to them appointing a Delta Ijaw person will help restore hope and correct some lapses ahead of the 2023 elections, ” is needful for his excellency to earlier balance the appointments in the state to reinvigorate our drowning hope and to correct the lapses ahead of 2023 elections ” They noted

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