Baraza: Re; Bribena’s Attack on the media, an ungodly disposition

The management has read the recent publication of a certain news outlet (name withheld) with the above title and we are persuaded to put the record straight.

It would be recalled that Baraza cooperative has existed for a period of a year and two months.

Within this period the cooperative has consistently paid all members her profits without any delay.

As a honorable man who has the best interest of members, he made full disclosure when a policy change in its trading platform DERIVE became operational with negative impact on its core objectives .

This development necessitated a general zoom meeting where certain decisions were collectively taken as measures to manage the situation .

The issues were not in any way threatening the continuity of the cooperative as measures were already being taken to manage its effect .

The said news platform never interviewed any of our management staff neither did it interview a sizable portion of our cooperative members as expected of a responsible media group before reporting a deliberately false and untrue account .

It is therefore unarguably disingenuous for the management of scan news to submit that their news was a product of human concern and was done after careful investigation .

Ironically within this period of sensationally orchestrated false alarm, there are more than a hundred membership request to join the cooperative . Truly people are known to identify with success and not failure .

Professional ethics in journalism compels publishers to get facts correctly before publishing.

It is therefore correct to submit that the reportage lacks any ingredient of proper journalism .

This development persuaded members to respond directly to Moses Dickson , owner of scan news .

They found his actions untrue, unethical , dangerous and clearly a calculated attempt to create panic and discredit the cooperative.
Such false and evil actions cannot be allowed to gain currency.

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Accordingly, Pastor Miebi Bribena granted interviews , released press statement, conducted phone in programs all in a spirited attempt to correct the false impression and to educate the public and members of the cooperative .

Such response truly cannot be interpreted as crude nor unlawful .

It is true that the CEO of scanews never denied the fact that he had solicited through his LAW FIRM a contract for a legal retainer-ship and through his MEDIA FIRMa contract to manage the media and cooperate image of the cooperative, a request that the management finds unnecessary.

There is also no iota of truth that the cooperative has taken steps to gag press as alleged by scan news . Rather we have made open disclosure , facts which has been independently verified by other members of the cooperative that equally trades forex on same platform .

While it is true that the CEO of scan news has never been known to work in any establishment since leaving the law school , the CEO of the cooperative has had over thirty years of hard work as a professional architect and entrepreneur managing over ten companies in his line of professional calling . His successes are public knowledge.

Sadly a man whose only known source of funds is his being a brother to a former governor has the temerity to question a successful man.

It is common knowledge that the activities of the cooperative is felt far and near . This has even occasioned the setting up of more cooperatives .

Bar Moses Dickson must know that the pastoral calling of the CEO has nothing to do with his managerial duties .

Pastor Miebi was properly called and has been a Pastor for many years .

Finally, we admonish all our supportive members to ignore scan news and her evil alliances whose aim is clearly not journalistic but as a willing vehicle to backmail unsuspecting genuine people.



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