Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

Bayelsa Guber: Pondi warn against violence, muster support for PDP candidate

By Ndu Samuel

The member representing Burutu Federal constituency in the Federal house of representatives, Hon. Julius Pondi has called for fair and peaceful election devoid of killings and all form of violence in the forth coming governorship election in Bayelsa State, even as he urged the people to support Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidates.

Hon. Pondi who through a press release titled ”Bayelsa elections should not be stained with killings and maiming” personally signed by him a copy of which was obtained by The Liberator Newspaper on Tuesday warned sternly against killing of political opponents in the state, saying such reckless actions must stop.

The Lawmaker said ”As the people of Bayelsa State prepare to go to the polls on Saturday to elect their next governor, it is important that they do not trade off the goodwill they enjoy among Nigerians by resorting to violence, killings and maiming.”

” Therefore, this is an urgent and clarion appeal to the people of Bayelsa State that the killings of political opponents in the state must stop forthwith, and peace embraced. No leader of any political party should instigate killings all in a bid to get power.”

”It is immoral, reprehensible and condemnable. The Ijaw people have come a long way and should not fritter away the only homogenous Ijaw state all because of the quest for political power. If they kill their people, who would now be available to constitute the electorate and drive the development of the State? ”He asked

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He noted that his plea and ”admonition is important to the sanctity of the electoral process considering the now widely accepted and continentally acclaimed concept espoused by an Ijaw leader that electoral victory is not worth the blood of any fellow citizen. The sanctity of this election creed should be worn as a band by our people of Bayelsa State. ” He added.

The distinguished legislator reminded the political actors that ”all the people of Ijaw nation are concerned about the purity of the process and outcome of the Bayelsa State election and believe that the avoidance of violence is a necessary quid pro quo for the future well-being of the people.”

”It is also to be noted that the relative freedom and development which Bayelsa state enjoys today were through the struggles and efforts of our leaders especially Isaac Adaka Boro, Chief Edwin Clark, HRM Alfred Diette-Spiff, High Chief Government Ekpemukpolo (Tompolo),President Goodluck Jonathan, Chief DSP Alamiesegha, king Doukorou and several others.” He said

He said also that ”the Ijaw people are pleased that even the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, Mr. Adams Oshiomole has openly admitted the admirable roles played by people like High Chief Tompolo for the grant of thirteen (13%) percent of oil accruals as derivation revenue to each of the oil producing states of the federation.”

He however added that ”no one should be deceived that this truth is only meant to please the Ijaw people at election time in order to lure them to vote for the APC in the forthcoming Bayelsa State election. They probably would continue their hunt for High Chief Government Ekpemupolo (Tompolo) and other Ijaw leaders who dared to have spoken, and still dare to speak against the injustice against their people.

”Nonetheless, we are happy that Chief Oshiomole has seen and recognized the light ignited and illuminated on the entire people of the Niger Delta by the efforts of the various PDP administrations at the federal, state and local government levels, all of which resulted in the 13% derivation, the establishment of the NDDC, the Niger Delta Ministry and other such institutional structures.”

”It is only expected that the gains of the efforts of the past should be reciprocated by the people of Bayelsa State by once again reaffirming their trust and confidence in their party of all time, the People’s Democratic Party.” He noted

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